Hoover school board approves $13.5 million renovation contract for Riverchase career center



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Much needed facility

While it is a lot of money, I believe it is money well spent. Bravo to the school board for recognizing and funding this need!

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Great Idea

While I do believe that a 3rd high school is inevitable, this career center is a great idea. Many students will not have the financial resources, grades, or even desire to go to college. This center will allow them to be trained in good quality jobs where they can make a good living. A much better solution than releasing kids out in the world with no real skills.

Another supportive parent more than 1 year ago

What about a 3rd high school?

I don't understand the logic behind this decision. We sell a high school property for $11 million. Buy a run down middle school property with that money, then sink $13.5 million in renovations. A grand total of $24 million on a school that does nothing to bring relief to a high school that has a daily census of over 3000 students. The average lifespan of "career tech centers" around the southeast averages 5 years. If we are going to invest $24 million, let's put it in a high school that will serve us for 50 years or more. All of this comes on the heels of an article today that has Hoover behind Birmingham and Vestavia in dollars invested per student. Is this what Hoover has become? We pitch a fit over adding needs like more police officers and firemen last week, but don't bat an eye at "investing" $24 million in a specialized facility that does not provide a solution to our biggest need.

concerned parent more than 1 year ago

purchase price $4 million not $11 million

The property was purchased for $4 million not the $11 million you suggested above.

Supportive Community Member more than 1 year ago


This career tech center is an awesome idea and will help alleviate some of the overcrowding issues you mention. This is a great strp in the right direction.

Not Blinded more than 1 year ago

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