Hoover High teacher who used racial slur resigns (Updated with videos)



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Raymond, you are clueless! Perhaps there is a history of this or more background. The deletion of evidence or unofficial changes in the chain of custody is always a bad idea

Mister more than 2 years ago

not yet

Only if they change the process... right now, that's what they said do based on their rules. My point is that it's not deleted as the guy claimed.

Raymond B more than 2 years ago


Wow... that guy is clueless and completely out of line. He doesn't understand due process and is just like everyone else that wants to jump the gun. FYI, the superintendent would do the same thing for EVERY student and teacher. She's not going to deviate just because some people have an opinion. Everyone is entitled to due process. The teacher is not teaching anymore and people are still mad.
Oh, and note that the video isn't needed as evidence - she admitted to saying it. And if you listened to the superintendent, they still have access to the video - it was just removed from the student's phone(s). You should listen to what she's saying instead of throwing darts constantly. Hopefully, everyone can move on... the process has completed after only 3 days of investigation. Go Bucs!

Raymond B more than 2 years ago