Hoover High teacher put on administrative leave for using racial slur in class



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She should have said turn the music off period. This article states she said turn that n music off. Now they say she said turn off that music with the n word in it. Get your story straight and suspend the student who played that music in addition to firing the teacher. Neither should be excused.

Penelope preston more than 2 years ago


This teacher unfortunately not only hurt and let her students down by her poor speech ,but as an educator and parent,I would not trust or want someone who so freely used the word once, but twice. If the article is correct in stating that she thought her students were over reacting, it shows so much more. Truly sad on so many levels.

Jill Byrd more than 2 years ago


I hope this woman never gets to teach again, the psychological abuse she has put onto those children is sickening. Nevermind the horrible upbringing she must have had. That word stems from hatred and its sad that in 2017 people think it's okay to treat people with such hate because of the color of their skin. White privilege at it's worst, GROSS. There should be a petition started so this woman can never work or teach children ever again.

Ellen more than 2 years ago

All good

lol she funny, she ain't do nothing wrong. free butcher, let her stay

Seth Adams more than 2 years ago


There is no excuse for using the n word. This teacher needs to go.

Jay Briz more than 2 years ago