Guardians of 6-year-old girl sue Hoover school board over sexual assault claim



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Not Gender-based?

Unless the Defendants admit and prove the alleged harassing girls similarly harassed boys in the boys' restroom, which Defendants won't do, the harassment was clearly gender-based. I cannot see how Defendants can make their "not gender based argument" with a straight face. If half, or even a tenth, of what the Plaintiffs claim is true, some heads should roll within the school and the school board, including that of the school superintendent, who seems too busy trying to get our taxes increased instead of making sure that young Hoover students are not sexually abused. Great reporting by Jon Anderson, who I humbly request to follow and report on this case until it ends.

Barry V. Frederick 202 days ago

Incident Report

Did the school comment on why there is no assault or sexual assault appearing on their 2017-2018 student incident report? Is the school referring to the reported assault as a "touching incident" and thus not recording it as a sexual assault? It seems that biting, holding a student down on a bathroom floor against their will, and cutting someone's hair against their will could be considered an assault.

Ashley 203 days ago