Former Hoover school board member calls for new performing arts center



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15 years and counting

For at least the past 15 years many of us have been asking for a performance center. All we have heard from the Councils is "no money now", "no land available", " be patient", "city is broke", " after the debt on newly built sports venue is paid down", "in 3years". It is nice to finally hear voices other than the arts community coming to the discussion. A performance center for the WHOLE city should be the goal. It is embarrassing that Hoover is so far behind other smaller cities in the state. The library struggles to bring events because their theater only seats 250 and they are the only facility in the city. Councils always say they support the arts while reducing funding to the library and other arts organizations. No more promises to our citizens young and old it is time to get it done! Our students can't wait their time is now! Many of the rest of us can't wait either.!

Linda Chastain, co-founder Hoover Arts Alliance more than 1 year ago

City Wide PAC

This is something the City of Hoover and the schools should make a priority. Build it somewhere between Spain Park and Hoover. Make it a multi-use facility with the schools having priority. The mayor has been hosting town halls and a fine arts facility has come up multiple times. #makeithappenhoover

Former Show Choir Mom more than 1 year ago

Shared Facility

I am not sure that a shared facility between the city and the schools would work. The need it simply to great in both areas. In a perfect world, every secondary school would have an auditorium AND the city would have a facility. But that will never happen. At the very least, each entity should have something that works for their independent needs.

Delle Kincaid more than 1 year ago


Unless it’s a building where a basketball or football game can be played, Hoover School Board, Admin, and school leadership aren’t interested. If they were, these facilities would have existed st both high schools long ago. Instead, they have built multiple gyms, practice facilities, etc for athletics. It’s really quite embarrassing but also quite telling. When they try to tell you differently, you only need to point them to the recent facilities as proof.

Ashamed more than 1 year ago

Performing Arts Center

I was there Friday night and it wasn't just the audience that was undersized. It was the stage as well. I leaned over to my husband and wondered why this wasn't held at Hoover High school, assuming that since it is bigger, it must have a larger facility. I'm shocked to know it's actually smaller. We moved here from Auburn, AL and I can attest that BOTH Auburn and Opelika high schools have far better PAC facilities with fewer students. Between both Hoover high schools there are more than 4500 high school students. A shared facility for both schools would be fantastic and is needed. If the city and school system plan well, it could be used for many other purposes that would generate income (dance recitals, show choir competitions, local theater, touring theater, etc.).

Holly Cole more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun