Federal judge gives final approval to Hoover school rezoning for 2018-19 school year



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Discriminatory desegregation?

"transfers that take into account racial desegregation goals" are transfers that take race into account, which by definition is racially discriminatory. It is way past time to stop punishing today's school kids and their families in Hoover for any race discrimination sins of their parents (or their grandparents), who most likely did not live in Hoover and had nothing to do with Hoover schools when they were infected with purported vestiges of the unquestionable-evil of segregation (Hoover was founded in 1967 when it had only 400 residents). Neighborhoods naturally grew around Hoover's schools, and families of any race were and are free to build in or move into those neighborhoods. Most of Hoover's neighborhoods grew after, even long after, the elimination of discrimination in Hoover's schools, which need their own emancipation proclamation (proclaiming they are freed from the slavery of federal oversight and an out-dated court desegregation order that ignores the modern reality that Hoover schools have been desegregated for decades and remain desegregated today). School systems in other Birminghalm suburbs received their emancipation proclamations freeing them from the slavery of no-longer necessary or justified federal oversight, and it is time for Hoover to get its own emancipation proclamation frreing Hoover's schools from the slavery of unjustified and unnecessary federal oversight, on which so much time and money is spent that would be much better spent on educating the kids (of all races) who attend Hoover's schools.

Barry v/ frederick 306 days ago

New developments

Kudos to the district for finally getting this through. The rezoning will solve a number of issues for the school system. It is however peculiar that they want residents of the new Signature developments to drive farther away from their nearby school st Trace Crossings - the exact issue rezoning was supposed to solve. Moreover, with Trace Crossings operating at among the lowest capacity in the district something doesn’t add up. I strongly encourage them to reconsider this approach.

Concerned 307 days ago


The projections presented during the community meetings in 2016 indicated that TCES enrollment would increase significantly under the proposed rezoning. These numbers included the then-current projections for the new sectors of Trace Crossings. The disconnect is that the development plans for those new sectors have been amended to increase the number of homes which could put TCES over capacity. There was also discussion of a road to be cut from those new sectors up to South Shades Crest Road. SSC has its own traffic issues but modifications are planned to improve this so perhaps that new road should be reconsidered to take some pressure off of Stadium Trace.

TCES Parent 306 days ago

New homes

Even with South Shades Crest being an issue, an even worse outcome is to ask kids in those neighborhoods to travel all the way to Brocks Gap Intermediate with schools right beside them. That does not seem right for either the kids or the parents building in that area. Besides that, the likelihood of any such road anytime soon is quite low and such a road would might only be useful to one of the communities depending on the placement.

TJ Allen 306 days ago


As a Lake Wilborn buyer, a key part of our decision was having all the schools nearby as was in the original rezoning plan. To not even have a home yet and this being proposed feels like a bait and switch. So we are left with either a significant time burden with schools or walking away and being out our earnest money. I realize everyone looks at their own situation and not everyone can be pleased, but for others the district has done a lot of education and time to prepare. This is like the rug being pulled out from under us. Not cool.

LW buyer 306 days ago

SSC Driver

Whatever traffic studies have been done to improve SSC haven't taken into account traffic from Lake Wilborn and Blackridge. All that school traffic going to SSCES and BGIS will be going up Brock's Gap Parkway to turn left onto SSC. This means the light at SSC and BGP will be red longer for northbound traffic, so any "improvements" made to SSC will be lost at that light.

SSC Driver 303 days ago


Yes it seems like this approach is just criss-crossing traffic to add extra traffic uneccesarily to both Stadium Trace and SSC

ST driver 302 days ago

Lake Wilborn rezoning

Speaking of having a rug pulled out from under us... According to one of the LW agents, LW is now zoned for Shelby County Schools. I'm curious to know if they were ever planning on notifying buyers of that important change in school district; I mean, I'm sure they were, but it would have been nice to know before purchasing and designing a house and signing the contract.

Another LW buyer 289 days ago

Lake Wilborn rezoning

It turns out that the LW agent misunderstood when we asked for clarification about zoning: apparently, Lake Wilborn is ZONED for Hoover City Schools but will be TAXED by Shelby County. Sorry for any confusion.

Another LW buyer 289 days ago