18% of parents in Hoover schools uncomfortable with August return



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So, if 18% are uncomfortable, that means 82% are not uncomfortable. I don't have enough characters to prove this using "common-core math" but my "old school common-sense math" works (18% + 82% = 100% trust me).

Note to readers:
This is my 3rd attempt at posting a comment about this article. Perhaps it doesn't support the message the Hoover Sun or other media is trying to give but it's not vulgar language, hate speech, personal attacks, promotional or spam. I'm a tax paying Hoover resident, and other residents deserve to hear the flipside of this article.

Hoover Sun, stop censoring me. You've done this to me for a couple of yrs now (only post abt 25% of my comments). Perhaps that explains why I don't see a whole lot of other conservative-type comments.

Beau Bree 101 days ago


So, if I do the math, that means 82% of parents are not and want their kids to go back to school in August. Should've led with that headline instead; would better represent the overwhelmingly majority (4 out of 5) of Hoover residents.

Beau Bree 103 days ago

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