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Good that this continues. But...Hoover School did not close AOTB. There was a bill to be paid for utilities, and it was not being paid. I would suspect these artists are now paying rent and utilities, so I would suspect it could have been paid at Bluff Pk as well

Thomas 182 days ago

School system did close Artists on the Bluff

The Hoover school system did close the Artists on the Bluff facility. The superintendent, after having the building inspected by the Fire Department, said the building was unsafe and not up to code. School officials decided investing money into parts of the building to bring it up to code would not have been a wise use of money.

Jon Anderson 181 days ago

Oh but they did

The Hoover School System absolutely DID close Artists on the Bluff and they did it in a completely underhanded and tacky way. After the building sitting empty and unused for years, the artists came in and revitalized the building and the area, pouring their own money into remodeling the spaces and making the building viable again. Then the school system began their quest for rezoning and decided the land the old school was sitting on was too valuable to let mere artists use...so...poof...the fire department suddenly is called in to "look it over" and issue an edict that it is unsafe. And just like that, the school system kicks out the artists, gets the land back and now has plans to demolish the buildings and expand BP Elementary. Wow...what a stroke of luck for them right? All while claiming clean hands in the whole affair.

Jay 179 days ago

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