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Thank you

Cullen and Katie are also like my extended family. They are so honest and genuine, you can't help but love them. Katie has her own Channel also, every Thursday. And Gaines is a ham on camera. Great article

Lynn Bosse more than 2 years ago

So Much Love :)

Cullen, Katie , MG & their extended family are just like having an extended family of your own. I look forward to watching them and living life with them virtually! GranDoc even read a comment I wrote to them in one of the vlogs and I'll never forgot it! I LOVE THEM ALL!! I even cheer for BAMA now!!Keep vlogging guys :)

Angie more than 2 years ago


Cullen and Katie have helped me smile when I have had hard days or have been stuck in the hospital. I love that they share their actual feelings and day to day and show that they are real people too!

Sarah more than 2 years ago

Awesome article!

This was such a fun article and write up! Thanks for taking the time come hang out with us! See you on the internet! :)

Cullen more than 2 years ago