Islamic community center to hold open house



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Looking forward to it!

I’m excited to attend this event. I’d love to learn more and be educated.

Nancy G more than 1 year ago


Again, no one should support or have anything to do with the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center, which has repeatedly ignored calls for it to publicly condemn radical Islamic terrorism, which it refuses to do. As a Christian, I forgive them, but until they do it, I again urge everyyone to not support this so-called "Hoover ... Center." Sharia law is sexist and mysoginist, which these Center people fail to mention in these news articles. Instead, they try to fool you with cute tricks like a “try your look in the hijab booth," which is a booth meant only for females to lure them into a sexual discrimnatory "look." They also used terms like "this family-friendly event," which means "if your family is a sexist Sharia law family full of mysoginist males, you will have a wonderful time." So say no and don't go.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

This event is meant exactly for you, sir.

Please visit our website to see a big clear banner at the top condemning terrorism and ISIS. You must have missed the many times we have condemned "radical Islamic terrorism". Please do a simple Google search for your accusation and you will find how misinformed you are. We welcome you and your friends to our center so you can see and hear for yourself what we believe, rather than what FOX news has brainwashed you to believe. Thank you and may God bless you, sir.

SA more than 1 year ago

Educate yourself

As a Christian, I’d like to say that You are so misinformed... it’s alarming. The HCIS has repeatedly and regularly condemned terrorism. It’s uneducated and racist comments like yours that breed hatred through false accusations. How about “as a Christian” you learn to study the commonalities and differences between the two faiths before you start babbling nonsense.

Nancy G more than 1 year ago

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