Hoover resident worked on set of Oscar-nominated “Get Out”



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Congratulations! Keep climbing the ladder and we will be seeing you directing a movie of your own soon!! Proud of you!

Myra Miles 269 days ago

So proud

Love you Maggie. You make movie making moat magical.

Carly 269 days ago

Yay Maggie!

I love this article! I have worked with her on set a few times and she is just the best! So sweet and friendly and always working hard. I’m so happy her. Yay Maggie!

Claudia Scoggin 269 days ago


My niece ROCKS! So proud of her & I lover her to the moon!

Martha Wilkinson 270 days ago

Proud of Maggie.

So Proud of Maggie as she was one of my students years ago!

Wayne Wood 270 days ago