Hoover couple cancels dream wedding for smaller COVID-19 pandemic nuptials



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Mr. Anderson,

At the least you could have reached out to Red Gates before printing an un-truth. Your incorrect reporting is damaging especially at this time when small business are struggling to remain viable.
I ask you to retract or correct your reporting.
Our policy, like that of the honeymoon resort is to allow rescheduling at no extra fee and at the same rate as the bride's 2020 rate, The McLendon actually did reschedule their event and seemed delighted to do that considering the circumstances. The McLendons have a new date rescheduled for Wedding and Reception.

Our venue has not closed. In fact, we had several weddings that moved forward under the 25 person limitations and others plan to go forward under the ten-person limitations. Like the family's neighborhood, guests are so willing to sit in their cars and blow their horns in celebration as the couple state their "I do's". Some creative guests are even talking of creating an aisle with their guests in their cars and trucks. The bride and groom or bridal party will use the car-made aisle during the ceremony, all along maintaining the social distancing and gathering limitations. The bride and groom can always have their reception and celebration party at a later date and still have the celebration of their dreams. "This is a unique time that God has given us to explore the deeper meaning of community in a marriage and to be creative in celebrating that. Red Gates is right there to help them do that.

Desa Osborn 170 days ago


The original story was correct in saying that Red Gates at Kelly Creek refused to offer McLendon and Hyde an immediate refund if they canceled their wedding and that the venue offered to let them reschedule. However, the story has now been updated to include more details about the options that were available to the couple.

Jon Anderson 168 days ago

Hyde Wedding

It was a beautiful wedding even though we couldn’t come. Now we have another member of our family and we love her!

Sandra Hyde 171 days ago

Hoover Sun