Feline lovers seek bigger home for cats



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The cat that nips at people

I have leaned and have repeatedly and successfully used a simple technique that when used carefully and regularly trains cats that nip at people to not nip at them. Show the cat, or make sure that cat sees one of you hands in front of it (well out of its nipping reach), and with your other hand start petting the cat from behind its head where the cat cannot see your petting hand. Eventually, the cat becomes to like being petted and calms down so it no longer nips at the hand it sees. Indeed, the hands it sees becomes a cue letting it know it is about to be petted, which it has become to enjoy. Throughout the process, the person doing the petting should remain calm. The moral of this true story is don't give up on cats that nip at people.

cat whiperer more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun