Bluff Park mother battles through brain cancer with faith



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Such a inspiration for all!

The FAITH and STRENGTH of this couple trusting through the bad times and putting the Lord first is a lesson and great inspiration for us all. I do not know this family but they are clearly, Praising Him through their Pain. Lord, we ask that you Bless this family beyond anything they could ever ask or imagine! Strengthen them more! Heal them completely, as they put all of their trust in You! in Jesus name.

mel 273 days ago

Ashley inspires me

Ashley you inspire me to live my life with intentionality. I like what David said, it is our job to make God’s name bigger and bigger. You choosing to praise in the midst of the hardest of times certainly makes God’s name bigger. Because ONLY through His power are you able to praise Him when there is so much pain and uncertainty in life. Ashley and David from your very first blog you have inspired me to be a more grateful person, a better person for whatever time God has for me on this earth. Thank you for sharing your story of faith, hope and gratefulness!

Susan Roberts 357 days ago

God bless her

Her faith and determination is a real lesson for others. Never give up and keeping the faith. God bless and comfort her and her family.

Donna 363 days ago

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