Letter to the Editor: Commentary on Hoover's mayoral race and school system funding

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Ms. Baker, with all due respect, your poor leadership alongside Mr. Craig is why the school system is where it is today financially. This letter touts the same shortsighted misinformed financial information s that of Mayor Ivey. Dr. Murphy has publicly presented our bleak financial situation twice with extensive supporting evidence. To say that "all is well" is simply ignorant. I implore you and all of those who continue to pursue this line of rhetoric to review both of Dr. Murphy's presentations. Then I beg of you to respond to her explicit call for additional funding. Our schools are suffering. Our kids are in the line of fire. We cannot afford you, Mayor Ivey, and anyone else with your school of thought to continue to lead the city.

All that aside, he has created no strategic development plan for the city, he pushed through an ill thought out and under researched sportsplex, and has little to no regard for capping city growth. Schools are my top priority as a property owner and parent, but they are hardly the sole reason Mr. Ivey will not be receiving my vote.

Delle Kincaid more than 3 years ago

Hoover Sun