Letter to the Editor: Resident seeks relief from gun range noise

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moving is impossible

you cant move if there is a gun range in the area, you cant sell...are you to move and leave your home and property? what an insensitive thing to say to someone..put ear plugs in..man, you need to cork your mouth because these people who put ranges in around homes and businesses are ruthless...that is just a ruthless mean terrible thing to do to a community..my condolences to anyone suffering this..it si terrible, just terrible

diana 38 days ago

Unsafe Range 50 feet from toddler swing


Concerned Citizens more than 1 year ago

Another Hard Lesson

Ask Spalding County Georgia how the gun range plopped in the middle of an existing residential neighborhood, 50 feet from the nearest neighbor and toddler swing is going??? The initial special exception was granted with parameters and constraints that the owner decided he would not follow and expanded his gun range 100% or more, the only saving grace is the Board of Commissioners specifications and guidelines that he has manipulated. The BOC is now using tax payer monies to get rid of this gun range, because he thought he was above the law. A vote of no and more due diligence would have saved the tax payer hundreds of thousands of dollars. All elected officials should have to pay for votes that turn into litigation due to lack of due diligence and foresight.

Concerned Citizens Against Residential Gun Ranges more than 2 years ago

proven unsafe


concerned citizens more than 1 year ago

Change zoning

As Hoover expands zoning laws are changed to adapt to an evolving community. It used to be ok to habe chickens and livestock in many areas as they were once zoned agricultural. It seems pretty obvious to any observer that the only logical solution is for the fun club to sell their land at market price and relocate. As a firearms enthusiast myself I drive out to the range outside of Helena in the Cahaba wildlife area. The area surrounding Brock's Gap is becoming to densely settled to support a gun range where large caliber rifles can be used.

Kurt Kristensen more than 2 years ago

Near Gun range

I also live near the gun range and can hear the shooting. It is rarely loud enough to disturbe me inside my house. Also I want night time practice by members who are on the Hoover police force.

Leslie Gates more than 2 years ago


Earplugs cost less than $1. So you want to inconvenience thousands (including guests of members) because you don't like the noise. One person who ones to change the world around himself, easiest way to do that is...Move.

RPS more than 2 years ago

Gun noises

I have tried every ear plug on the market. Ear plugs DO NOT work on any kind of gun shots at all! How would you like it if you had to get up early and actually go to work at 6 am. I have to hear those dam gun shots all night long where I live. They never ever stop. It’s harrassing nice quiet people.

Jane Mian 197 days ago


Believe me he isn't the only one

Joshua Cain 191 days ago

Didn't think that purchase through, did you?

The range was there long before any subdivisions were built. Rates are low. Maybe you should sell your house and chalk it up to a learning experience. Know the area you are moving into. If the shooting happens as you say it does, why did you not hear it before you purchased your home? Don't blame others for your poor decision.

Ricky more than 2 years ago

Know your surroundings

I thought the exact same thing Ricky. Before I ever make a purchase I usually visit the property 2 or 3 times during different times to see what is going on and to make sure I'm not buying something with something going on that I just can't live with. Now, I guess he could have purchased it online and never visited but that is a poor decision if he did so. Just my 2 cents.

Doug more than 2 years ago

Gun Range Noise

Others have already addressed the fact that the range is protected under the Range Protection Act. The range allowed shooting at all times of the day and night prior to the Range Protection Act. It was not uncommon for the police department to shoot late at night, conducting their valuable training. Shooting would start at first safe light in the mornings. The Range Protection Act (RPA) limited the hours if a range desires it's protection. Why should they continue to limit their opportunities to enjoy a sport even more. Developers have encroached on the range, not the other way around. Real estate agents are not being honest to their clients if they don't disclose the fact that the range is there, and a homebuyer is not doing their due diligence if they didn't research surrounding properties, which should also include traffic concerns, etc. Developers have approached the range about purchase and it was presented to membership. The range membership voted no to sell. Many, who are tax paying Hoover residents would lose the convenience if the range moved. Also, finding land that would offer adequate convenience to all members is cost prohibitive and as a new range, they could lose the protection of the RPA. Before someone claims to pay someone's salary because they are a tax payer, they should consider what all of their taxes actually pays for and you will realize how small of a portion of salaries you pay individually. Also, the employee of the city that lives in the city...he/she is a tax payer too. They pay their own salary. You might be surprised to find that many Hoover residents, employees, former employees and retirees use that range, quite possibly from your neighborhood too.

Trey Bass more than 2 years ago

It's called coming to the nuisance

If you buy a house next to the airport, you can't then complain about the noise.

John Young more than 2 years ago


This isn't a airport. It's a gun range where NOT EVERYBODY knows it exist. Totally different

Randy more than 2 years ago

It's your duty to find out

It sounds like there's gunfire 12 hours a day. Why didn't that raise a concern when they looked at the house.

Joey more than 2 years ago


There is a very large sign at the only gate to Brock's Gap training center off South Shades Crest road. If anyone is thinking about buying a house in the area, they SHOULD be able to read the sign. If they do not know what it means, they should ask their real estate agent. This range was built in the early 1960's (I think 1962) when there were very few houses anywhere near it. In the 1970's there was still only woods around the range. Has any of the current home owners complained about the noise from the two train tracks that run on EACH Side of Brock's Gap Training Center??? Those trains make more noise than the range.

B. Hicks more than 1 year ago

How the range operates

The writer does not seem to understand how the range operates. There are 1000 members who are all self policing when it comes to the range. Everyone who joins understands that the range hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm. If they get caught shooting outside these hours...they loose their membership. Each member has a gate pass that allows them access to the facility 365 days a year. This includes Christmas when many people get new rifles and scopes and who can't wait to sight it in. It includes Thanksgiving when family members are all together and decide to go to the range after the food has been consumed. And of course...weekends will be the busiest since people are off work. Instead of appealing to the Board members to reduce the hours....just appeal to each of the members and ask them not to go out and shoot their guns.

Mike Goebel more than 2 years ago

Do your research before buying a house

1000 Members is what that shooting club has. The writer is asking for them to cut back their hours which mean 1000 members can have less time to share the range because he, and a few other people, decided to buy a house there without doing any research. This person obviously does not understand anything about shooting sports if they think hoover tactical's indoor range would be a fitting replacement for the facilities at BGTC. That facility has had large amounts of money invested into it and his been there far longer than most of those neighborhoods, yet the writer is acting like they should just pickup and move so that the residents that moved into the area can have less noise pollution. BGTC provides a fun, safe, and inviting environment for people learn about shooting and become more involved with their own second amendment rights. They host everything from marksmanship training, firearms safety, and even classes to become certified firearm instructors. It is a privilege to have such a comprehensive shooting facility conveniently located so conveniently to Hoover. Instead of directing your discontent towards Brocks, you should stop and think about why the people that were there first could possibly be at fault? I am sure there will be a few residents of future subdivisions built adjacent to Brocks that will complain of the same issues, but it wont be Brocks fault at that time either. Builders are encroaching on the shooting range, the range is not encroaching on the neighborhoods. I encourage the residents with the complaints to come to BGTC for some of the event on weekends, to help gain a better understanding of how the range operates and what goes on there, before you just ask them to cut back hours and make concessions for you. That way you will know if your demands are reasonable or not.

Zac J more than 2 years ago


Looks like the neighbor is asking for the hours to be reduced. NOT get closed. 9am-9pm everyday of the year seems very excessive. Seems like BGTC could show a little compassion.

Randy more than 2 years ago


Why should a range ( or any facility for that matter) who has been there 50+years, that is operating legally and safely, change their operations in a way that would negatively affect their membership?

These residential properties expanded around the range over the course of decades, homeowners like yourself should have done their due diligence before purchasing.

Chris W more than 2 years ago


U think if u closed the range down at 6 pm then u would lose membership? Pretty sure there are thousands of people who are willing to take there place. I understand the range has been there for 50 years but times change. Basically ur saying that the community cannot grow bc of a gun range. I don't think it should be closed down on any circumstances BUT seems like there can be a compromise. Also I bet 50 years ago there wasn't 1000 members. If a gun range opened up in ur neighborhood u may think differently. Everyone needs to step back and see from all point of views. My main point is everyday from 9-9 seems excessive.

Randy more than 2 years ago


I'm sorry that that seems excessive, but you unfortunately chose not to research the area you live in enough prior to purchasing. The compromise was made by yourself and others when you chose to buy a house near a decades old firearms training/education/competition facility.

Again, If I were to complain about noise from an existing stadium/mall/airport/racetrack/freeway ect after I bought a property adjacent to them I'd be in the wrong to expect them to change their operations to suit my desires. The community definitely can grow around the range ( it has ) it just has to live with all the consequences of that decision, in this case a bit of noise. My current compromise is that I live near a HS and get to hear every ball game they host. I don't plan on asking them to keep it down so I'm not disturbed.

Chris W more than 2 years ago


Difference is you knew that highschool existed and was close by. so you are comparing a baseball games noise to loud highpowered rifles and guns? Are there games everyday of the year from 9-9? Don't think so.
That's a horrible comparison. A baseball game seems more like "a bit of noise" compared to what those ppl on that side of town hear.

Randy more than 2 years ago


This no differnt that the developers trying to build neighborhoods next to Barber motorsport park. The track has been there for an extended period of time by it self. You cant hear the cars and bikes every day but tbey are there. Auto manufactures do testing and roll outs and the teams test. Some times as early as 6 am. Yes its loud. You cant see it but its there. Is it Barbers fault you cant see it but you can hear it,so is it Barbers fault when develoers by land ajacent to it and destroy more of the natural sound deadning? No
its on the developers for not saying some thing and the new home owners that are either did not do their home work on the area or to nieve to to think the track will just move cause they are now home owners near by. Different sight same issue.

No compassion will be given for not doing your own diligance on the area you are moveing in to.

Many people have the things called jobs, so they cant go shoot / race their vehicles during the middle of the day. Weekends and holidays, early or late are when they can do these activities.

Shooting out side is much different than inside. Weather , light conditions, and distance can not be simulted inside very well. So if you are just shooting a pistol , inside may be ok with the distances involved. Shooting a rifle or long gun you can not really train accuratly in that invironment. Im much happier knowing Hoover Pd practice in an open environment to enhance thier skills than only indoors.

If you want to complain to any one , complain to whom ever you bought the house from with out them saying their is an active gun range near by...

Jame more than 2 years ago


When they were looking at houses to buy they had to pass the Gun Range Sign to get to any of those neighborhoods, so they can't say they didn't know it was there.

Dianna more than 2 years ago


Your statement that "If a gun range opened up in ur neighborhood u may think differently." has no bearing on this since housing developments (and home owners) decided to move close to the range and NOT the range deciding to move close to housing developments. If you want to reduce noise pollution, please contact your federal government representatives and urge them to support and pass the Hearing Protection Act.

B.Hicks more than 1 year ago

What hours do you think are appropriate?

What hours seems appropriate to you? People work and want to get off work and go shoot? The prime shooting hours are those in which people are not working. Weekends, evenings, mornings, holidays, all people aren't on the same schedule.

Zac J more than 2 years ago

Brock's Gap

Haven't they been around since the 60's ? I know they've been around well longer than I've been alive. How is it the facility's fault that Hoover expanded around them?

Guess I should complain about the noise Friday nights since I live near a school's football stadium.

Chris W more than 2 years ago


That range has been on the same land since 1964 Bill. Look up Alabama State Code § 6-5-341

"(2)Not withstanding any other provision of law, any person, firm, or entity who operates or uses a sports shooting range in this state shall not be subject to civil liability or criminal prosectution in any matter relating to noise or noise pollution resulting from the operation or use of the range if the range is being operated between the hours of 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. and if the range has been in existence prior to 1990 or is in compliance with any noise or lead control laws or ordinances that applied to the sport shooting range and its operation on August 1, 2001, or at the time the sport shooting range came into existence, whichever came first."

Chris more than 2 years ago

Brock's Gap Range

Brock's Gap Range has been there for a very long time. They purchased the land, legally, from CSX and have invested time and money into the infrastructure that they built out there. People should not expect the members/owners, who are operating within local and federal guidelines to limit their use in something they invested in. The homeowners should have done their due diligence before purchasing in the area if they don't like the activity.

Mike Wright more than 2 years ago

Brock's Gap

That range has been there for many, many years. Buyers and builders should be well aware of the noise, particularly on weekends. That's like buying a house next to the airport and complaining about the airplanes making noise.

Bill Powell more than 2 years ago

Brock's Gap

Yes the range has been there for many many years. When we bought in Scout Creek over eight years ago you only heard the larger caliber gun shots. But over the years with the clearing of land for growth the natural noise barrier has thinned to the point it doesn't give much relief. You can now at times hear all the gun shots if you are outside in your yard or on your deck.

David Lindon more than 2 years ago

And how...

Is the fact that DEVELOPERS removed your "natural noise barrier" BGTC's problem or fault?

PJ Johnson more than 2 years ago

Hoover Sun