UAB Medical West to relocate hospital to McCalla, not Hoover



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Sunshine Laws

Mr. Kadish,

In your replies, you mentioned that every member of the city council was aware of the proposal and attended at least one meeting where the proposal was discussed. Given the circumstances of the proposal and the fact that the council held formal meetings where said proposal was discussed, this means that the city was bound to a formal response. This would be in the form of a formal resolution, or at the very least a formal letter rejecting the proposal. A resolution could not be entertained until the next regular or called council meeting. A formal letter could have been sent on Friday, but based on your replies I gather than this did not occur. To further muddy the waters, Walsh's infamous tweet quoted Smith as saying that there was not sufficient support for the $20 million incentive, implying deliberation. The closest case study I can find is the SoccerX proposal from around a year ago. The city called a special meeting to consider a resolution that would provide funding for the proposal. The council did not adopt the resolution and SoccerX received a formal answer to their proposal. UAB and Broad Metro were not afforded the same due process. I hate to say it, but there's some serious open meeting act concerns here and our city leaders should know better. If I had lost millions due to a tweet backed up by the word of two council members, I would have some questions that I would want answered immediately.

HVR_Attny more than 1 year ago


Mr. Kadish, can you explain why this project was kept a secret for so long? If the city council and the major knew about it over a year ago, why not come out with it? The longer it was kept a secret, the longer you gave the opposition the ability to mess it up. You also kept your shopping center a secret. Why? Before blaming the liberal media, maybe blaming all those who kept this a secret, including yourself, would be a good place to start.

Restless in Trace Crossings more than 1 year ago

Hoover UAB

We are a small oart and UAB still has to get its Certificate of Need. It was important that they not get ahead of themselves becuase the regulations could hold them to any mistep. We respected UAB's wishes as did the Mayor who needed to fight with both hands ties behind his backs. When you see their campus plans with jogging and bicycle paths and dense wooded areas you will know what they planned was a shangra lla for wellness comfort and open space. We wnated to show the plans, but were not allowed to becuase UAB reserved the right to change them until the Certificate of need application is filed.They wanted and needed that flexibillity and when they say jump U say how high. I believe that the liber and corrupt Hoover Sun will shut me down soon. If you want more information please see an upcoming message update to be posted soon to iur web site .

will Kadish more than 1 year ago

Needs a second look

I hope there is a follow up story done by someone on this deal. Posey said for days that it was not a done deal, and Mr. Kadish confirmed that this was true. Middlebrooks said that he had not fully formed an opinion when Walsh tweeted that the deal was dead per Lyda. Greene and Murphy have remained silent-can't say I blame them given the circumstances-but as city officials we need their statements. Now we're hearing that Smith agreed to the $20 million at some point in time prior to the rest of the council having the opportunity to weigh in on the issue. Conventional wisdom says to let this go, but as a long time resident, I expect more than a tweet from a reporter claiming that the a $400 million dollar project is dead. Where's the press conference, formal vote or formal statement? I'm not going to fault the Hoover Sun because this story followed the tweet by Walsh-which 3340 needs to explain, but someone in the media has got to investigate this for the people of Hoover. The tweet in question quoted Smith as saying that Hoover would not offer $20 million but would be open to negotiation-which Kadish verified was in progress-followed by the statement that Lyda confirmed the deal was dead. If Lyda used Walsh to kill this deal, he needs to resign. This is inexcusable behavior.

Pete more than 1 year ago


100% agree with Pete. There's far more to this story and it goes all the way back to June when I first heard about Lyda's remarks that he would "shut this down" at Jimmie's watch party. Days later, I see him on Fox6 being interviewed about the project. Ridiculous behavior for a man who is supposed to represent Hoover. It's obvious that he's unhappy this term which I can't understand because this council seems willing to debate and review every issue before making a snap decision, unlike the last group and the $80 million dollar blue barn. I will admit that I do not know Mr. Kadish, but his comments have been in line with those of Middlebrooks and Posey, who have shown that they are not afraid to share their views with the people. His comments also reference items shared by Mike Shaw who while opposed to the deal, did take the time to share his views in a logical manner (not running to a favorable reporter to push his agenda via the media). As Pete said, we elected the mayor and council to handle these types of decisions, not Lauren Walsh. We need to know the entire story.

BP resident more than 1 year ago

Mr. Kadish

Mr. Kadish,

We have never met, but I know you're the developer behind the hospital project. A lot's been said over the last few days, but there's a question I've got that I hope you'll answer. Now, a buddy of mine is a member of the city council, and he told me this morning that he found out about the end of the deal from Lauren Walsh and not the head of the council. Walsh is the reporter that broke the story on social media. He said the council was talking with you to lower the price as late as Friday morning, and that there was no deadline for a final decision from UAB. So here's the question Mr. Kadish-were you notified by the council that the deal was off, or did you also learn the news from Walsh? While I think it is fair to say that Mr. Pennington and UAB have spoken and selected McCalla over Hoover, I just can wrap my head around why this news was not delivered in a press conference or meeting of the minds. Walsh is not a member of the council and everyone around town knows she is good buddies with Lyda. Something's not right here. It's clear that this deal was a huge political mess, and that Lyda went out of his way to try and kill it for some reason. If there was a conversation between you and the council when Walsh posted on social media, then the deal wasn't done. I want to know what Walsh went ahead with this message if it wasn't crystal clear that it was fact.

Doc B more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun