Smith, Brocato present cases in Hoover's 1st 2020 mayoral candidate forum



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Adding another department?

"Smith said he plans to create an Office of Civic and Community Engagement at City Hall"

How many people would staff this office and how much money would it cost to operate annually? In this time of fiscal belt tightening, I wouldn't be pleased to see yet another department created.

Meredith 35 days ago

Vote for Gene

Brocato is all fluff, not a roll up your sleeves and get it done type. I feel Gene will lower the sales tax, fight for HPD, and focus on community needs.

Gunther 36 days ago

I will definitely vote for Gene Smith!

Gene is a no nonsense man and truly loves the city that he grew up in! He is very “open door” to the city’s needs and police needs for the city. He is not a baby kisser and hand shaker. He will do what is right for the city and it’s residents!!

Chuck Segrest 37 days ago

Hoover Sun