Santek officials: We're working to address garbage, recycling complaints



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Recycle Program

In my opinion the city does not have a recycle program. Where I came from they recycle everything but actual garbage. Garbage was sorted at a facility and recycle items were separated and processed for RECYCLING. That included all plastics, paper products of all types including waxed paper products, glass and cans.The program you have is limited recycling effort. Recycling was a business that sold much products from yard waste, shrubs and trees. Paint was reprocessed, Electronics were sold sold to organization that reprocessed the various components. You need to look beyond whets available in Birmingham for better ideas. Also I don't understand why residential garbage has two pickups a week. Most of the garbage can be recycled anyway except food products and dirty diapers. A more efficient operation should lower the cost not increase it.

DT 117 days ago

Garbage and Recycling

In general, I would say the crews do a good job. It's a very difficult job and I think we forget that. I also think there is big turnover in pick-up crews, so new employees have to continually be trained. We do incur problems such as these: 

1. Our one-street development getting skipped completely several times a year by garbage pick-up or recycling crews.  
2. The pick-up guys staying on one side of the truck and not seeing our cart on the street. If we happen to see that, we can holler and chase them down, but would prefer not having to do that! This happened just yesterday. I was on my way to the door to try and catch them when I saw the driver alert the employee that he missed our cart.
3. Employees reaching into the cart and pulling out a bag or two and not noticing that there were more items further down. 
4. Empty carts put in driveways rather than on the street. If we arrive at home and the cart is in the driveway, we have to park the car, get out and move the cart and then drive the car into the driveway/garage.

Meredith 119 days ago

Thanks Jon Anderson

It's nice to see a comprehensive, informative article about ongoing issues of recycling waste generated in Hoover. it seems the best solution is to break the monopoly of Birmingham Recycling and Recovery and go with a recycler "that accepts all plastics," the latter of which should largely eliminated issues with contaminated loads and would be more helpful to the environment overall. Until that happens, it appears customer will continue to blame Santek, which in turn will continue to blame customers.

Barry V. Frederick 119 days ago