Recycling conundrum: Santek took recyclables to landfill amid rising costs, contamination



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Black plastic and #1 cups

This is the first time I (and every person I've talked to) have been told no Black plastic nor plastic #1 cups. The company mailed a card to everyone when they started. It's on my fridge still. It DOES NOT mention Black plastic or plastic #1 cups any where!!

Cindy 278 days ago


People can't even figure out that the left lane is for passing, not cruising. What makes anyone think they can figure out how to recycle.

Hoover Resident 291 days ago

Important Information

We all need to work hard to reduce the amount of material going into our landfill. Over the years, we have paid extra to recycle through our garbage pick-up. I often wondered why there were comments that recycling was put in the same garbage bin. This article brings a lot of information to light. Being educated and aware of what is accepted is key to making this process work. Sort, rinse and submit materials as designated and the system works! I now live in a small community and a community organization is championing this effort. They work hard to ensure that materials accepted are appropriate and they are all volunteer. So happy to continue to recycle and I even drive to Birmingham to recycle glass at Target. Great article, Jon. Much needed information! Let's all do what we can to save this earth for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren.

Doris Moody 296 days ago


First time I knew about "do not bag" for recycling

John Stewart 296 days ago

Witnessed the same thing

When we lived in Bluff Park - 2012->2016, I witnessed the Garbage trucks picking up the recycling bins at least 1-2 times monthly

Natalie Lenoir Blackman 298 days ago

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