Taking next steps: Protests put spotlight on police practices, racial diversity in city



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Hoover police are awesome

Why would the protesters expect the police to furnish masks for them? Obviously they didn’t care about masks when they were protesting. They, in my opinion, are part of the reason COVID-19 has spread so much. They also want more mental health facilities. I can see that because they need to be able to see someone to help them with their mental issues and anger management.

Sharon Knipp 87 days ago

I want more responsive action too

I too want “transformative and sustainable changes" about various abstract matters with which no one can argue -- I want to see more of the police budget moved to police support for mothers and apple pie. I also want a lot more money devoted for Hoover police to keep moving all protesters out of public roadways where I and others want to drive unimpeded and without dangerous distractions unless ignorant protesters figure out they need and get a permit to parade in the road. Their right to protest does not trample or trump my and others' right to drive on public roads. I also want to at least double the funding for Hoover's police, in recognition of and as a reward for the outstanding jobs they do, including the jobs they do as to the low-life scum who curse and throw things at them. My wants just go to show two things to protesters against Hoover police: (1) there are innumerable people like me who disagree with you, and we probably outnumber you at least 500 to 1; and (2) you can't always get what you want.

Barry V. Frederick 87 days ago

Changes requested in Hoover Police Department

I do not want the Police Department's time or money wasted on the ridiculous self serving demands of some protesters. I believe the vast majority of Hoover residents approve of and appreciate the job our Police Department does in keeping us safe and in keeping protesters from blocking our streets and endangering our lives and property. While people certainly have the right to peacefully and lawfully protest, they do not have the right to impede the flow of traffic and to destroy property as was done in the City of Birmingham and in other larger cities. Protection from such lawlessness is one of the reasons many of us choose to live in Hoover rather than cities such as Birmingham. We do not appreciate those who seem to want to bring Birmingham's problems to Hoover.

Tommy Crawford 88 days ago

Hoover PD is as good as there is

I would put Hoover PD up there with the best in our country. They ARE part of the community and do their very best NOT to be biased. It's horrible that they place OUR cops in the bucket of a few that exist elsewhere in the country. They do so much good in our community and stand by while being spit at, yelled out, yet the agitators claim the PD are the bad guys. Pot meet kettle... so sad. The double-standard couldn't shout louder if it tried.

Raymond B 88 days ago

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