Protesters have 'list of demands' for Hoover City Council



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We are tired of this

we are tired of protesters like Dudley who think they should be allowed to disrupt special council meetings when others are not allowed to do so and who think they should be allowed to block traffic when others are not allowed to do so. Dudley's (and other "protestors") positions about this only reveals their status as 'protestors" is dubious and solidifies their true status as troublemakers. Sincere protestors can help improve things; troublemakers only hinder progress, and have only themselves to blame for that. I and many others are in favor of increased funding for Hoover's police, and believe they are doing a great job.

Barry V. Frederick 51 days ago

The Law

When you break the law, there are consequences!
Stand firm and continue to protect us in HOOVER!
It’s all about RESPECT. The radicals never learned what that means!!!

Gail Creekmore Sheppard 51 days ago

Posey on Along

Looks like it's time for someone to run against Curt Posey.

Hoover Resident 53 days ago


Yes, by all means vote out one of two people up there who actually respond to the public.

Really, Hoover Resident 47 days ago

Hoover Sun