Poll: Should Hoover let Carmike Cinemas sell beer and wine in movie theaters?



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Alcoholic beverages in movie

I have several concerns. How would they limit the number of drinks purchase? What would stop someone purchasing a drink, then sharing it with an underage Person? Who would determine if a person should be refused a drink, if they appear to be intoxicated? After a person had purchased a drink, would they be allowed to leave the movie theater?

Jim Baker more than 1 year ago


There just is no place for alcohol at our movie theater. There are plenty of opportunities else where for those that choose to have a "cool one", but the movie theater isn't one of them.

MIKE more than 1 year ago


Can't we just keep some things kid friendly? One of the best things we can do for our kids is model moderation. That means choosing some social activities to not drink at or during. When we tell our teen that they can have fun without alcohol at a party they are more likely to make a good choice because we have modeled that behavior. I'm also concerned about the safety of the parking lot and roadways. Of course there is also the issue of addiction. For most people 2 hours of not drinking is not a big deal, but we have so many that are dealing with addiction. This just seems like another stumbling block that will hurt families. Carmike Cinemas, please withdraw your request to sell alcohol in your theaters. Remaining alcohol free is what most of your customers want.

Cris more than 1 year ago


No, I do not want to have beer and wine sold at the movie theaters. I think the behavior of some would ruin the movie for others. I prefer to have a family-friendly environment where children are not exposed to adult issues. I know this request is based on additional profit for Carmike, but I think this is an inappropriate venue for alcoholic beverages in Hoover. Carmike theaters are where our family usually goes, but I would choose another theater if alcoholic beverages are sold at Carmike. Surely people can go two hours without a drink.

Kay Witt more than 1 year ago

Big No

Our society is alcohol saturated. If you want to drink, there are plenty of options. If you can't enjoy a movie without it, you've got a problem. I don't want to watch a movie with a lot of people drinking alcohol, and I will definitely avoid a theater that sells it.

George more than 1 year ago

Wine & beer

I'd vote yes. Have been to other cities that have movie theaters that sell wine & beer. These theaters have multiple screens like most & only serve alcohol in certain ones. It was separated from the kid/family movies & you had to be 21 to go where alcohol was served. And...it was served to you in your seat...not from a counter.

Barbara Miller more than 1 year ago


Please count this as two votes from our household. Also, I already subscribe to Hoover Happenings and do not want a second subscription coming in daily. Thank you. These theaters are family and kid-friendly venues. Would like to see them remain that way. If people need a place to drink and watch a movie in a theater, have a separate theater for that purpose.

Caleb Halstead more than 1 year ago

customers vote

Let the customers vote with their feet. If they want it they will come, if not, then they will quit going there.

Walt more than 1 year ago