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School Change


Dan Fulton more than 4 years ago

School Funding

Interesting article and well written however the rankings of Trace Crossings cannot be ignored. I'm sure there are many fine teachers at Trace who are doing their very best but with so many kids struggling to keep up, the time resource is limited for all the other kids. Teachers only have so many minutes to spend on each class each day. No matter how good or dedicated they are, it becomes a matter of lack if time to properly drive all children to be their best. On another note, about two to three weeks ago there was a flurry of information about the lack of support from city leaders for HCS. Dr. Murphy made it clear that the dchools DO need additional funding. This was in direct contrast to the statement made by our Mayor. Now that it has been made clear that our schools (and most importantly our CHILDREN) need the leaders to do the right thing I want to hear from the Mayor and sll city council members as to whether they are going to step up and support our children properly. They have all been strangely silent since the "clarification" came out that indeed our schools do need and want additional support. Why have our city leaders not responded?

Dennis Quirk more than 4 years ago