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Vote NO for this hospital in Trace Crossings!

I think all Trace Crossing residents and local residents would be FOR a proposed use of the land, proposed for the hospital, that would positively affect our property values and community....relocating Med West hospital is not in any of our best interests or property values...regardless of what that supposed impact study stated, there is no logical explanation for a 4% increase in property values due to the hospital being located in our neighborhood. When you factor noise, traffic, increased crime and stress, I will pass on any supposed increase.

It would negatively impact our quality of community, schools, church’s and the traffic would become even more unbearable, not to mention the constant sound of ambulances running up and down our streets. In addition, crime would likely increase as we already have had many burglaries in area neighborhoods coming from Bessemer...now you are welcoming them here. Was that included in any impact study?

Our residents and citizens need to speak up and speak loudly for our city leaders to hear what we as a community have to say.

I personally am tired of chasing ‘revenue’ for revenue sake...we need to build upon what has already been built.

We have an $80M Sporting/Event Complex to support...which one would think lots of food, beverage, some lodging, and other amenities to support tourism to our fine city and neighborhood would be primarily retail and light commercial establishments.

Moving a hospital from Bessemer to Hoover and bringing buses here as well, doesn’t bode well for Hoover.

Our property values will decline and businesses will move.

We already have the vacant WinnDixie shopping center that is collecting dust, the Grove is struggling to fill its vacancies since opening, Patton Creek is becoming a ghost town and Lake Crest shopping Center is vacating as well.
Why do these shopping centers lose tenants...that is the bigger question.

How many grocery stores do we need in a 1/2 mile? We now will have Organic Harvest, Sprouts, Publix, Wal-Mart and now Aldi. Is this more revenue to Hoover? No...all it does is swap dollars from each other.

I bought in this amazing neighborhood 16 years ago because of the high quality of community and neighborhood, with walking trails, sidewalks, and close proximity to the schools. I welcome the moderate retail for food and beverage choices, however a hospital does not fit here, nor do I want it here.

Either way you feel, be sure to let City leaders know how you feel and let your voice be heard:

Frank Brocato, Mayor of Hoover
(205) 444-7510

Gene Smith, City Council President

John Greene, Council Member

Curt Posey, Council Member

John Lyda, Council Member

Derrick Murphy, Council Member

Casey Middlebrooks, Council Member

Dan Ellis more than 1 year ago


I think a big question that is being overlooked is that a hospital will make the Hoover suburb more urban. Do we want what was considered a suburb of Birmingham to become an urban area? With the congestion, the helipad, and new bus routes running up and down 150, does that sound like a suburb. If I wanted that type of environment, I would have moved downtown 26 yrs. ago.

Sally A MacDonald more than 1 year ago

Both positions are right/wrong

IMO, both sides have solid points that are important. In support of the hospital, it is certainly an opportunity - IF it can be adequately funded (which is questionable given the recent deficit) - to diversify the local economy and add closer health care. On the opposite side, critics are completely correct that the location is the issue as the city is already trying to stuff inordinate amounts of new homes, businesses, etc to the area without improving transportation. It seems as if the city might pursue further investigation of the costs and search for another location that is convenient to Hoover but not overrunning an already/increasingly congested area.

Trace Crossings Resident more than 1 year ago

ER needed for the area?

It mentions Hoover officials stating the move would add an emergency room to the area....that's what Medical West Hoover Health Center is for....they have a 24 hr ER and it also has a helipad already. Excellent service and is still convenient to the area. Adding an entire hospital is just out the question for such a congested area.

Traveler the Man more than 1 year ago

a great opportunity; get it done

Hoover residents should consider the city’s costs for the hospital’s move here as an investment that will greatly benefit the city immediately and well into and beyond the foreseeable future. It will be part of the diversified cure for Hoover’s retail addiction. Quality of available health care is as important as quality of schools and neighborhoods for a “quality-of-life” city like Hoover. The move of this hospital to Hoover will be a win/win situation for the hospital and the city. We all know residents of, and everywhere near, Hoover, cannot stand having to travel into Birmingham for first-class hospital care. With the move of this hospital to Hoover, residents can and will stay and come here for first-class hospital care. Remember when we longed for and finally got a top-quality free-standing ER along Hoover’s I-459 corridor; critics of that ER were forecasting many of the same concerns that critics of this hospital move are raising, but after Hoover got that ER those concerns were proven unfounded. That ER proved itself as an outstanding benefit to our city and the surrounding area; the move of this hospital would trump that exponentially. Many thanks to Mayor Brocato and the council members who are leading the way to attract this hospital to Hoover. Critics of this move should join supporting it and become part of this solution, and not remain part of the problems, this move will help Hoover cure.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

Will not use this hospital

"critics of that ER were forecasting many of the same concerns that critics of this hospital move are raising, but after Hoover got that ER those concerns were proven unfounded."

I believe that was a totally different situation in that it wasn't in a residential area and the traffic didn't pour out onto the already overcrowded Stadium Trace Parkway. This proposed full-service hospital will employ many more people and have many more visitors and trucks supplying goods, all of whom will travel via Stadium Trace Parkway at least at first, which is what Mayor Brocato said in the October 1st meeting about the proposed hospital. And now we learn there will be a helipad! I feel sorry for the nearby businesses and residents who could hear helicopters at any time of the day or night.

I don't know about other Hoover residents, but my family would not be utilizing this proposed hospital. All of our doctors use another high-quality hospital and we would continue to go there even if it is a longer drive. We have no desire to change doctors and I doubt that our doctors would use this hospital either since their office buildings are near the hospital we normally use.

There are many reasons not to approve this, but I feel it is going to be done no matter what we "critics" think.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Yes, but...

That freestanding ER is not sitting literally in people’s backyards, nor does it have a point of access in the middle of a residential community.

Chris more than 1 year ago