Man shot, killed outside of Lake Cyrus home



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Lake Cyrus Murder

One thing has been boiling my blood all morning. I can remember from as far back as November their being posts on Lake Cyrus Homeowners FB group about cars being broken into in Lake Cyrus. To quote one, a pair of new tennis shoes had been left in a victims truck. I'm sure these incidents had been reported to police. Has there been ANY additional police patrolling the neighborhood since this happened or have we remained "a soft target". Any Hoover LEO's care to respond I would appreciate knowing what your LEADERSHIP has done regarding the multiple car break-ins that have been occuring over the past SEVERAL months. Neighbors, this just didn't start last night, but now we have a serious tragedy. Will this step up police coverage or will it take one of us killing a perp to get the police and the News' attention?

Doug Smith more than 3 years ago