Hoover zoning board recommends approval for Trace Crossings rezoning



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Has anyone thought about SCHOOLS?

I've read these articles over and over looking for someone to mention the burden of adding almost 2,000 home on the current Hoover City School system. If the Hoover City Council plans to go forward with this, it should be with with definitive plans to incorporate additional school buildings and property sufficient to accommodate our future families. The HOover City School system is one of the primary reasons families relocate to Hoover. Please keep that in mind when considering this expansion to our city.

Judy P. Gordon more than 2 years ago

THIS is better than the current plan...?

Mike Shaw did a terrible disservice to the Trace Crossings community during the meeting this week, arguing that the (now approved) mixed use zoning is better than the existing light industrial zoning for the same property. USS, he claimed, could build a 6 story motel, gas station, warehouses, and a myriad of "less desirable" structures with the original zoning; at least with the rezoning, the construction would be "more limited". Of course, this is a straw man argument. Trace Crossings wasn't marketed as a mixed use community, the way Ross Bridge or the Preserve are. There were never any plans showing retail outlets and townhomes, only single family homes. Stadium Trace has seen only very limited and discreet commercial development, and none on the scale or complexity as what was presented and approved.

On a more basic level, the challenge to the commission to demonstrate the demand for more retail space, when so much in the immediate area is vacant or incomplete, was never answered. To allow something to be built that will stand incomplete or vacant is irresponsible, and once something is built, it almost never gets unbuilt. Witness the Wynn Dixie shopping center off Hwy 150. The most use seen for that property in almost 5 years has been the Junior League's thrift sale. The interior of the old supermarket is deteriorating, the parking lot crumbling, retail spaces abandoned. All we need next is graffiti and vandalism to complete the picture. It is the community that is left to deal with the detritus of overdevelopment; the developers and their cronies in city government get to walk away without a care.

Still, assuming that the proposed development across from the Hoover Met and new Sports Complex is even viable, we will soon have a massive new housing development at the end of Stadium Trace, and vague promises of a solution to what everyone in the area is calling an impending traffic nightmare. One person referred to the traffic problem only as an "inconvenience" (!). One might recall that only a little more than a year ago, the Hoover Board of Education proposed eliminating all buses, which would have at least have tripled the amount of vehicular traffic along Stadium Trace and Bricks Gap during the morning and afternoon rush hours. What is it with "city planners" in Alabama that never learn the lesson of the 280 corridor: you need to plan and implement your infrastructure FIRST, and build according to what that infrastructure can support. That Hoover has historically failed to grasp this point is evident to any resident of Russett Woods at rush hour.

What annoys me the most about this proposal and the decision of the commission is that it is another step in the New Jersification of Hoover: rampant overdevelopment at the expense of the community, and approved over the objections of the residents.

Kevin Canada more than 2 years ago

Schools and traffic

I can sympathize with the residents of Trace Crossings as they will be trapped with a one way in and one way out access like Riverchase subdivision. Also, I have not seen anything about the impact on the Hoover schools which I hope the council will consider. I hate the thought of losing the beautiful venue on the way to the Hoover Met. It is a hidden treasure in Hoover.

Marcia Pressler more than 2 years ago

Zoning/traffic problems

This is a good example of the lack of common sense and long range planning. The Sports Complex was a done deal before residents really knew about it. It should have NEVER been considered before access was provided from Stadium Trace Parkway to State Hwy 52 (Morgan Rd). The only good access to the complex is Stadium Trace and will now be overloaded with traffic. Brocks Gap is not designed to handle heavy traffic and is now overloaded at peak times, due to it being used to cut thru and avoid going down 150 to S Shades Crest. It will be about 15-20 years or so before these issues are resolved. I am told that a connection cannot be done from Stadium Trace to Hwy 52, but my idea is that it can be done!! There seems to be no problem in building a multi-million dollar complex or to keep coming back with revised plans to enhance profits for developers. For what it is worth, the City of Hoover Council needs to vote to delay any re-zoning until a connector is built or face being VOTED OUT in the next election.

Ken McElhaney more than 2 years ago


My suggestion would be to go ahead and approve and let your constituency see exactly what kind of plans you don't have for long-range planning.

K kolb more than 2 years ago

Either listen to your citizens or get voted out

I offer this word of caution to members of Hoover's city council when they consider and vote on this matter, if they decide to do so and do not vote to delay consideration of this change until the City develops its comprehensive plan.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago

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