Hoover zoning board gains a transportation planner with love for sidewalks



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apartment zoning

So we’re considering approval to build 264 apartment units in a school zone that is terribly crowded already. There is no much planning in that.

K Kolb 228 days ago

Apartments are in UNINCORPORATED Jefferson county

Read it again. It states that a road would connect to a (planned???) apartment complex and a (planned???) assisted living facility in unincorporated Jefferson County. So Hoover Planning and Zoning has no control over what is built outside our city limits and would be in the Jefferson County school zone.

Jim 228 days ago

Relocation of Piggly Wiggly

Thank you so much Mr. Harden! Your vision and determination have saved the grocery store that has served the Bluff Park community for over 50 years. What many of us didn't know was that the Pig was leaving as of the end of their current lease from the location they are occupying now. Not just that location but Bluff Park! Mr. Harden saved the store for all of us by investing his own money and artfully negotiating with the owners of Piggly Wiggly. You are my HERO and deserve a big vote of thanks from the Bluff Park community.

Bluff Park resident 228 days ago

Hoover Sun