Hoover sewer rates fail to sustain system



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What kind of accounting is this?

"The system has not been able to cover all of its depreciation expenses on its assets ...." No one should be fooled by that statement. So-called "depreciation expenses" are book-keeping entries in a compute accounting program. They are not expenses that are actually paid every year. Hence, this provides no justification whatsoever to increase rates to increase revenue to cover something that is not actually paid every year. Don't be fooled into believing otherwise. There may be plenty of legitimate reasons to increase rates, but this is not one of them.

Barry V. frederick 338 days ago


Whatever you do, DO NOT SELL to a private system. In Lake View we have 600 family homes on Tannehill Sewer System. Every home pays $100 per month for sewer only. Water is not included. The minimum charge per month for corporate customers is $1400. This is a flat rate fee. Private systems are not under any control unless, as Connie Gilliland pointed out, it is a super small system. Otherwise the private owners can do as they please and believe us--they do! Our sewer provider can and does apply truly bogus charges of $500 to $5000 dollars for "infractions". He doesn't accept partial payments; he doesn't accept credit cards. If you don't pay up (even if you really and truly don't think you owe it) you get a $25 late charge plus 18% interest on top of that and he returns your partial payments to you. If it goes to court, he charges you his lawyer fees on your sewer bill even though a judge hasn't ruled. That also gets late charges and interest. There is way more than that but other items include not keeping the output within ADEM standards and having sewers back up during rain storms. Recently we tried to get a Bill passed for vote to put at least our system under PSC control that offers 20 ways that customers get protections from this and other abuses. Thanks to AL politics ours and a similar bill for Shelby County did not pass this legislative session. We WILL be back next year as we in Lake View and some on Shelby County are tired of unregulated sewer providers spinning gold out of sewerage at the peril of their customers. We would be thrilled to pay Bessemer, Helena, Pelham or Calera rates and we think that the PSC would fix that for us. (P.S. For a short time South West Water provided the billing for Tannehill Sewer but our provider was so bad that they dropped him and ran out town holding their noses!!) Learn from the Greystone and Lake View and Fosters experience and don't go private--ever!!

Cheryl L Ivey more than 1 year ago

No more Private Systems!

Hoover residents affected by this need to scream, yell, jump up and down and do everything they can to get the City of Hoover to not sell to a private company. Private companies, unless they have 90 or less customers, are not currently governed by anyone. This means that they are a monopoly that can charge whatever they want to. Greystone and the Chelsea area has had rate increases of over 200% since 2007. We have been trying to get them put under the PSC in regards to rates. We pay a flat fee of $81 a month and Greystone pays $112. It does not matter how much water you use. We use about 2400 gallons a month. A GUSC would probably sell and the City would say that they had no say.
DO NOT LET THE CITY SELL to a private company!! Greystone is still climbing and our Mayor is the only reason we are still at $81 a month. Before he had meetings with DOWR we were getting 8% increases every year...or more!

Connie Gilliland more than 1 year ago

No private sewer

You DO NOT want a private sewer, the Tannehill area homeowners currently pay $100 a month and it will keep increasing $8 a year for who knows how long. NO oversite, no customer service, no rules!! Hoover Council, please talk to us or Connie from Chelsea before even considering going private!!

Sonya Whitaker more than 1 year ago

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