Hoover postpones Christmas tree lighting after threats of protest due to police shooting



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Misguided protests

Jimmy's post hits one nail on its head. Protesting a Christmas event has nothing to do with protesting one (and only one) of the three shootings that occurred Thanksgiving evening. Protesting a Christmas event seems misguided, both in focus and spirit. Young Mr. Chaverst could not be more wrong when he stated he will shut down the city of Hoover (no, he hasn't, won't and can't) and will keep everyone spending another dime here (again, no he hasn't, won't and can't. Maybe his overreaching statements/threats are the result of the lack of wisdom that usually accompanies youth). I am spending my money in Hoover and urge others keep doing the same; indeed after reading young Mr. Chaverts statements/threats, I think I will go spend some money at the Galleria today, which I was not planning doing today before I read his threats to the entire city of Hoover. People like Mr. Chaverts and pastor Winston demanding immediate answers are acting like children, who also impatiently want immediate gratification. Accurate answers are far more important than immediate answers, and accurate answers require and result from thorough investigations, which in turn take time. My deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers go out to the family and friends of "EJ" Bradford. Assuming he was innocent but was nonetheless shot and killed by a Hoover police officer, I too want answers, especially to the question "how in the world did this happen"? I am equally disturbed by the fact no one is protesting the shooting of Brian Wilson and the 12year-old girl who were also shot in the Galleria, a public place where one shouldn not have any concern there will be shots fired. My prayers also go out to them and their families and friends. I want answers about them getting shot too, incuding "how in the world did this happen"? But there has not been one word of protest about them getting shot, and based on all news reports, it appears the whole disturbing series of all of these tragic events resulted from the shooting of Brian Wilson. Had he not been shot, "EJ" Bradford would not been shot and would still be with his family and friends today. Why aren't Mr. Chaverts and Pastor Winston protesting (indeed, are not even talking about) that (which was the root cause that led to the tragic death of "EJ" Bradford). I hope and pray the answer to this question does not turn on the respective races of the shooters of Mr. Wilson and Mr. Bradford and the race of Mr. Chaverts and pastor Winston. Hmm.

Barry V. frederick more than 1 year ago

Re why

The reason is simple. What happens to one affects us all. It is an attempt to publicize and get justice for the victims. Time and time again this country has demonstrated how it values lives of POC(rather doesn't value). You want your families life to be normal; so does the innocent victims' parents and family.

Goodie more than 1 year ago


It is terrible that someone lost their life, but what does the tree lighting have to do with that? Why protest a tree lighting? It's not even happening at the place where the shooting occurred...

Jimmy more than 1 year ago

That's today's mentality...

That's how this new generation thinks. If you don't like something, if you don't get your way, no matter how big or small, one must protest and go to the streets. There have been protests in the past - and with good reason - but nowadays, people protest against literally anything they don't agree with. Agreed though - the investigation is ongoing, but to say we're going to ruin a freaking tree-lighting ceremony and what it stands for, proves my point. Last I checked, the city doesn't have to report findings in an ongoing investigation... there's nothing to be transparent about. Obviously things are getting done - does the mayor have to say that? No. People have jobs. Once the investigation is over, THEN and only then is information released. People think they are entitled to information now - and whatever they want, when they want. It's called due process... once all the FACTS are gathered and a decision is made on what happened, then everyone should know what they need. Entitlement. It's today's drug of choice. If it had been MY child that was killed, I would have been devastated and crushed... and I would absolutely want justice - however, there's a civil way to go about it and the answer is not always to protest.

Raymond B more than 1 year ago


The tree lighting is normally held at the the main police department/courthouse, which is a block away from the Galleria. It traditionally serves as a peaceful community event where different groups of people come together to celebrate the beginning of the season in solidarity. During a time of strife for different groups in the the community that might cause further separation, they think it's prudent to simply wait until a more appropriate time to have what is essentially a holiday party. There's still plenty of time to do so.

If, say, you had a family tragedy take place right before something like a party for your family and there were questions yet to be answered and everyone just felt uneasy about it, I'm sure you'd have the decency to postpone it, too. :) Have a great day!

Laura more than 1 year ago

Grace Dignity

Thank you for being the voice of reason Laura. I'm all the way up north but this tradgedy affects all of us in the USA. We need to come together and heal before celebrations can commence. It's irksom that folks can turn around in the face of the grieving families and do cheerful Xmas stuff I mean isn't it a celebration of Jesus? What would Christ want in the situation? Amnends need to be made, though nothing can bring this good young man back, police should be accountable for the racial profiling and senseless killings of unarmed ppl(most black men or disabled) across the country.

Drisana Kane more than 1 year ago

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