Hoover police issue citations to Inverness barbershop defying state shutdown order



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Officers are sworn upon graduating from the academy to uphold the constitution of the United States. They should and can defy an unconstitutional mandate. Hoover could simply not enforce this mandate. The are demonizing their tax base and creating conflict where there need be no conflict.

Sam Mann 139 days ago

What law?

Did you ask them what law gives the governor the ability to restrict business to only some businesses?

Constitutional Scholar 140 days ago

State board of health law

I did not ask the Hoover police officer which law gave the state the power restrict business operations, but I believe he probably was referring to the portion of the state code that establishes the state board of health:https://codes.findlaw.com/al/title-22-health-mental-health-and-environmental-control/al-code-sect-22-2-2.html

Jon Anderson 139 days ago


If Dentist can work, then hair salons should able to cut hair. Dentist are more in your face than barbers.

Dave 140 days ago

Sue all of them

As Kay Ivey continues to lead from behind 9ay behind), the owner of this barbershop should sue her for continuing to destroy this man's business and livelihood. Ivey alows close-contact routine tooth cleaning, but refuses to allow haircuts. Ivey would never be able to explain that and she has not even tried to explain it. Ivey sure looks like she keeps getting her own hair done. Hoover police, I usually completely support your efforts, but please stop this kind of selective enforcement of Ivey's selective restrictions. compare the photo of this barbershop with what you see at Wal-Mart; everyone would feel much safer from COVID-19 at this barbershop than at Wal-Mart.

Barry V. Frederick 140 days ago

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