Hoover officials urge patience with transition in garbage, recycle services



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Patience Running Out

Santek has had the contract since July according to news sources. They had ample time to study maps and develop routes for pickup. Our city is beginning to look like a literal garbage dump with all the new and old cans in the yards. Santek has not picked up my garbage or recyclables since they took over, and, yes, I called them and was told "I'll give them a note"......whatever "that" means! Where they do pick up, they are leaving cans out in the streets causing traffic dangers, and leaving the lids open so that rain will collect prior to the next pickup. I am elderly and certainly do not have the strength to turn the can over to dump out the water, nor should it be the homeowners responsibility, so they will have a soggy mess of garbage plus water in the cans they are leaving open.

Bluff Park Swimming Pool Area more than 4 years ago

Trying to be patient!

The first day, they didn't pick up garbage on our street at all. We had to call and arrange for next-day pickup.
The huge new carts were delivered on our street in late September. There are 32 garden homes on our street and all but 5 homeowners have left those carts on the street along with the two old carts. Only those 5 homeowners want the new huge carts. The rest of us want smaller ones for both garbage and recyling.
For the past two weeks, we've had to look at four carts in front of almost every home and it's really an eyesore and makes our street just look terrible. The four carts also block off a parking space in front of our homes causing lots of problems there. We can't put them in the yard because it will kill the grass. And we can't put the old carts on their sides as there isn't any room to do that. The mail carriers have had difficulty getting to the mailboxes too.
We understand that it takes time to accomplish the change, but it would have been more efficient to ask people if they even wanted those huge carts than for them to deliver them, let them sit on the streets for weeks and then have to come back and pick them up and exchange for smaller ones. We're trying to be patient, but two weeks with no one coming for the old carts or to change out the new ones, our patience is being tested for sure.

Hoover resident more than 4 years ago

One week later

It's a week since my post above and the situation is still the same: Carts all over our street blocking parking spaces and mailboxes. Just looks awful!

Hoover Resident more than 4 years ago

Bad First Week for Santek in Lake Cyrus

This first week, the garbage cans that WERE emptied by Santek, they were put back very sloppily in our neighborhood. Some cans were in the road, some on the sidewalk tipped over, some angled off of the curb - it looked like a complete and utter mess as I drove home from work. Some cans are even in the DRIVEWAY ENTRANCES. How are we supposed to get into our driveway if the garbage can is blocking the way?? Not once did I ever have to get out of my car to move the garbage can so I could park at my own home. After the can is emptied, it should be returned to the same area where it was retrieved. And it shouldn't be tipped over with the lid open flopped over the sidewalk. That's just laziness - and something our previous company did well. If these guys are going to take over, they need to do it right. It makes our neighborhood look like and eyesore, it's dangerous (cans in the street and some tipped over), and a homeowner nightmare if it's in the middle of the driveway, especially if it's raining. Please pass along this info...

Lake Cyrus Homeowner more than 4 years ago

New Santek cans

Santek has still not picked up all the cans that it erroneously delivered to Christie Lane and Christie Circle. Some of our residents are using the Santek cans so our company is ignoring them. Quite confusing. What about some written communication to the Christie Lane residents about the situation and what they should do with the new cans?

Herb Patterson more than 4 years ago

Patience Very Thin

I live off of Tyler Road and our trash has not been picked up since Monday, September 28. I called the Public Works Dept and was told an email would be sent to Santek. Still nothing. Since we're surrounded by Vestavia, I've been envious seeing my neighbors' trash picked up. It is beyond me how a company can bid for a job and be so ill equipped to execute on that job.

Hoover Resident more than 4 years ago