Hoover nursing home has 19 employees, 17 residents test positive for COVID-19



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South Haven COVID-19 results

The staff at South Haven are wonderful. My Mother is a resident there and I couldn't be more impressed with the level of compassionate care she receives. The reason there is a spike in the numbers of positive results is that the management tested all residents and staff twice. Once after the first staff member reported a positive and then again as a surety since another staff member had become infected. Their pro-activeness will probably save lives. I commend the management for their transparency and honesty with the families of the residents. I absolutely commend the staff for their willingness to continue the care and support of their elderly residents. I truly wish I were a millionaire so I could reward them financially for the job they are doing in the face of this pandemic. Would that our government were so dedicated.

JJ Peters 158 days ago

Hoover Sun