Hoover Met Complex had $3.6 million first quarter economic impact, managers say



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RV Park

Who are we paying to manage this park?

Type RV park into your phone map....Pelham shows up and not Hoover! Signs on the interstate...nope.

Read the RV forums...wifi cuts off a lot. No bathrooms, showers and etc. Weak water presssure. Highest rent around. There is not enough room to park an RV with a car you are towing.

Welcome to Hoover where public officials love to waste money and hire people to get paid for doing nothing to market.

Pretend the RV park was owned by you Mayor Brocato, what would you charge and do to make it a place that attracts money? Hopefully, somebody shoots for a higher capacity than 20%. You can’t make this crap up.

Hoover Waste 139 days ago