Hoover mayor wants to revive plans for new I-459 interchange



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More chaos, different location.

Why bother fixing the interstates to make it easier to stream traffic off the interstate onto the surface streets when the surface streets are still mostly two lane roads?!?! Time to get proactive and stop being reactive about roads and development. Hoover needs a moratorium on new development until the infrastructure is caught up. Go ahead and buy the land while the price is reasonable but let it sit until the related issues are addressed first.

J M Mullinax more than 1 year ago

This interchange is greatly needed!

"When previous studies were done, the estimated cost for the interchange was $40 million to $50 million, Rice said. It certainly would cost more now."

Too bad Mayor Ivey didn't see the need for for the project when it would have cost less than it will cost now. Thank you, Mayor Brocato, for recognizing the need!

Hoover Resident more than 1 year ago