Hoover Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries owner charged with arson at his Tuscaloosa location



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Hoover location

My wife and I ate at hwy 55 in Hoover last night. The service was excellent and the food was fresh, hot, and oh sooooo delicious. Great food at reasonable prices. The best burger I've ever eaten.

Anthony Fendley 308 days ago

The Tuscaloosa Problem

Tuscaloosa has vastly overbuilt fast food restaurants and low-rent apartments. It has almost as much retail space unrented as rented. There is zero city planning, only permits and variances to be "sold" for cash. But these businesses find they cannot survive the summer when the students leave and are often hurt by football season. Apartments neglect maintenance because so many units are empty, yet new apartments and hotels open weekly. Without effective leadership, Tuscaloosa has become quicksand that traps unwary business owners and destroys them.

Chris 310 days ago

Free Market

My initial reaction is to put responsibility on the business owners for not doing their due diligence and research the market. The city is allowing the free market to thrive instead of trying to control it. The good apartments and businesses stay up while the bad ones go under. The best counterargument I can think of is it leads to a minor case of urban blight. Nobody wants a city that's half filled with rundown apartments and closed shops, but can we really trust the city to know what the optimal amount of restaurants/apartments is?

Jackson 309 days ago

Guilty or not?

Innocent until proven guilty but evidence doesn't look good for him. Either way, it would be accurate if I said I'll never eat at his Hoover location.

Bree 310 days ago

Hwy 55

If this place survives, I would be shocked. The only time we tried it, we (me and my kids) walked into the Hoover store and sat at the counter. The woman in front of us was doing receipts and ignored us. Two other waitresses were just chatting and ignored us. They only had one other customer. It was Saturday around lunch. After 10 minutes and no service we left. I ended up going to Steak and Shake so my kids could get ice cream shakes.

Steve 310 days ago