Hoover council votes to annex 103 acres for 97-home subdivision near Greystone



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Way too much new congestion!

Talk about your greedy development plans. Lots of big, expensive homes jammed in together so close that you'll be able to hear all of your new middle-aged neighbors passing gas every evening after their bowls of oatmeal, never mind all of the needless extra traffic this will generate for CR 41, Hugh Daniel Drive, and US 280. This old Brock property deserved FAR better than what these development plans offer - sadly, another lost gem in the CR 41 corridor land grab. Forget the schools issue, these homes will be packed full of older folks with their shiny new golf carts and money-to-burn. And tree conservation - seriously? That's like having King Keebler himself, 'Senator' Beauregard Sessions, espousing his plans to combat global warming (snicker), or to provide health care for the homeless (chortle), or even to reduce wasteful military spending (guffaw!). Gimme a freakin' break...

Bunky O'Tool more than 2 years ago

Hoover School Support

I agree with Dan Fulton on the obvious need for the city of Hoover to restore their financial support for Hoover City Schools. I don't think a tax increase is necessary. We have one of the highest sales tax rates in the state. The money is already there in the City of Hoover budget to significantly increase the support for our schools. It is time right now for the city leaders to show they value our children's education as much as sidewalks, new vehicles, helicopters, etc. The schools have taken s back seat to all the other projects that have been funded. I'm not saying they are all bad. I'm saying it is a matter of priorities. The city leaders need to make the schools and more importantly our children's future a priority. The Hoover city budget increases every year, year after year yet no money is restored to fund education of our children. Actions speak to priorities.

Dennis quirk more than 2 years ago

Audio and Estimate Spreadsheet


Dan Fulton more than 2 years ago