Hoover council votes 6-1 to rezone 273 acres off I-459 to block apartments



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sue them all

They have violated rights and therefore are now open to suit, sue the city, sue the council members, and sue everyone who gets in your way especially the ones applauding the illegal actions of this council I hope they get violated and people applauded them getting violated.

Jack Johnson more than 2 years ago

Road Extension

"Meade Whitaker, one of those other property owners, said the city choosing to rezone land against property owners’ wishes is unprecedented, highly irregular, unconscionable, a gross violation of property owners’ rights and an egregious abuse of power."

Last year didn't they re-zone property on South Shades Crest Rd at Brocks Gap Pkwy from commercial to industrial against the property owner's wishes? Looks like there is precedent for this in Hoover. Are they ever going to extend Ross Bridge Pkwy to Brocks Gap Pkwy with access to 459? I heard this mentioned about 5 years ago but haven't heard anything since. Wouldn't that take up a chunk of the now industrial zoned land on South Shades Crest?

Jamin more than 2 years ago

Good decision

U.S. Steel has made more than enough money in Hoover and I have no sympathy for land owners trying to grab as much as possible from developers. As a resident of Hoover I believe we need to be very aware of the cost of adding high density housing against the cost of serving the additional population. A balance between commercial use and residential use needs to be maintained for our standard of living to remain as high as it is - as this decision supports that.

Hoover Resident more than 2 years ago

To Hoover City Council

Thank you so much for looking out for your citizens and preventing this huge development of apartments being forced upon us. Our schools are already dealing with overcrowding and apartments would only add to that. Then there's the crime factor that surrounds apartments. Nope, apartments are not a good fit for the area and are unwanted. I suggest that US Steel consider building single story housing for senior citizens. We're going to need a lot of those in the near future as baby boomers age.

Hoover resident more than 2 years ago

Perfect, Logical and sensible decision

I moved, built and wanted Hoover and was willing want to pay higher property and sales tax for a reason. An excellent Police force (low crime), Fire department, School system, property values, parks and recreation and well-infrastructured location. The last thing that I want to see as a "single family" home owner is 1,400 "households" into stuffed into 900 "apartments" that are only paying for 900 "apartments" worth of property taxes for the services I've mentioned above.

We have recently had to hire more police officers in light of the recent murder and increase in crime. It is a known FACT that apartments bring more crime and will only bring down the city quality, increase costs of these services and decrease property values when all of the apartment students flood our school system. It’s not racial or political, it’s just pure and simple facts that have been shown already in the past within our city.
I’ll sing the praises of this decision all day and night, EXCELLENT VOTE!

Bill more than 2 years ago

Thank you!

I totally agree with your comments!

Hoover resident more than 2 years ago

Extension of the Patton Creek shopping center rejection

At the time of the rejection of the Patton Creek extension, I was the Chair of the Comprehensive Land Use Policy Commission, appointed by Mayor Barbara McCollum. I spoke against the extension because the developer had not provided adequate site plans, including how the lake was to be affected, etc. The council at the time made a correct decision to halt the proposed plan for that proposed commercial development, but never had any intentions to halt commercial development. Their decision was appropriate as the developer of the Patton Creek Center had to retroactively repair the retaining walls before the buildings fell into the creek. I fully agree with the council's decision.Congratulations.

Molly C. McGregor more than 2 years ago

Apartment zoning

The suggestion that apartments would appeal to senior citizens is disingenuous. Senior housing requires universal design for aging in place. A developer might explore the idea of building universal design homes on the land rezoned for single family homes. Hoover has a growing senior population.

Joann Roberson more than 2 years ago

Apartments for seniors

I totally agree with you! I know many seniors and NONE of them would move to an apartment complex. There is so much crime in and around apartments that no senior I know would want to live in that environment. Then add in the noise factor from many people living that closely and all of these factors make this type of apartment living totally unappealing for seniors.

Hoover resident more than 2 years ago

Audio Recording of Meeting


Dan Fulton more than 2 years ago