Hoover council votes 4-3 to pass $139 million budget for 2019



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Not sure what to think

I dislike a divided City Council, but I am glad that we have different opinions. I really trust John Greene as he seems to be the voice of reason on our City Council.

I agree on one hand that the City needs to make sure public safety its top priority. However, former Mayor Ivey accused Brocato of being a “tax and spend” liberal. When I read his comment, “It costs a lot of money to run a city with high expectations.” It confirms to me that our current Mayor indeed has a spending problem. This statement could be used to justify any spending in his own mind.

In looking at the budget, we need to be really careful that we are not having to raise taxes again. Brocato has already passed more tax increases than any other Mayor I can recall. However, I am conflicted because I do want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our City. I guess time will tell if the spending increases were right or wrong.

Concerned more than 1 year ago

A great day for trace crossings

As I sat in an hour of traffic to get my kids to TCES, I thanked the Lord that John Lyda was not able to find a 4th "conservative" to railroad a budget that FINALLY includes design work for an additional entrance/exit for the most congested area in the city.

Trace Resident more than 1 year ago

Ready, fire, aim

The study, funding and building of another entrance to Trace Crossings should have been completed prior to approval of a development the size of Ross Bridge. City leaders had the traffic studies in hand and knew the problems we residents were going to cope with. It was irresponsible at least and borderline malfeasance at most to not put the infrastructure in prior to the massive construction now taking place. It will take years before there’s relief so get used to our malfunction junction.

Mike M more than 1 year ago

Ross Bridge

Ross Bridge was 4 Mayors ago. There is not a current elected official that was serving between 2000-2004 remaining.

As for tax & spend I had and have concerns whether the money wasn’t really there. Especially with the Surplus shown with the current budget. If the money was there all along it’s surely easier to do away with a half penny than a whole penny

Gene IIZi more than 1 year ago


To clarify, I’m referencing the development in Trace Crossings that will be equal to the size of Ross Bridge, not the RB development itself. Moreover, when you add the retail and commercial development the traffic will be much worse than RB.

MikeM more than 1 year ago

Capital Funds

Gene, I've always had serious questions about the capital fund. In years past, there was always tens of millions of dollars going into this fund, but only be around 3 million of capital projects slated for each year, but recently that number has been around 9 million. What's the current balance of that fund? Why don't you use that money to clean up messes like stadium trace and south shades crest?

Trace Resident more than 1 year ago

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