Hoover council to pay $2.7 million for city hall renovations, $1.6 million to buy Hoover-Randle Home



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Big Mistake

This house on Tyler Road is going to be a money pit. It will incur large monthly expenses plus continual repairs and renovations and will never be profitable. In addition to those expenses, there will be the salary and benefits of someone to run it as an event facility. Hoover is very generous in paying their employees, so think salary increases and increased benefits for that employee. If it was making money, the owners would not have sold it. Not happy thinking of all of the money that will be wasted on this house.

Hoover Resident 150 days ago

Randle House a bad buy

First, it was the City foolishly thinking about buying another multi-million dollar home and property in the Shades Valley area, which thankfully the City did not purchase (which was not due to a lack of trying). Now, the City leaped into purchasing another multi-million dollar home and property, this time on Shades Crest road. The City needs to get the idea that it is in the home buying business out of its head. It has many better things to do with its money. A cash-strapped city should focus on its needs, not its wants. I agree with Bree Le the City will want to raise our property taxes to pay for foolish decisions like this one. Vote out anyone city politician who proposes or supports an increase in our taxes. Moreover, if the City bought this house to use it as an event facility, the City got into something that competes with private event centers in Hoover. In my opinion, the City should not be competing with private businesses in the city. Plus, as an event center, this house was a proven money loser, and the City bought a pig-in-a-poke with huge monthly losses.
The City supposedly thinks it can turn the huge monthly losses around, even quadruple revenues (yeah right; how by renting the facility to itself for City functions?) Of course, the City did not explain how with any reasonable degree of possibility. It is almost laughable that the mayor said "it should complement other city facilities, such as Aldridge Gardens," which is miles and almost a half hour away. The Randle house will compete with, not complement, Aldridge Garden -- both are event facilities. How many event facilities does the City need to own? Heck, why not spend more millions and buy two or three more? Maybe most disturbing, the City paid so much money for this house and property even though "City officials have not decided for sure what they will do with the home." An amazingly misguided lack of direction.
I ask Hoover Sun to report on the City's use of the Randle House in six months and in a year and two years so all of Hoover can see whether the City acted wisely and turned this money-loser around or whether the City bought a money-losing pig-in-a poke" and whether the City then needs the money it spent on this for something it truly needs. Hoover Sun, please keep any eye on this.

Barry V. Frederick 152 days ago

Randle House

If the Randle House could be made profitable to the tune of quadruple, some private person/business would've already jumped on that opportunity. The reality is, it'll never happen. In the end, it'll just be another bad decision.
But with that said, the real story here is, how irresponsible you folks are with tax payer dollars. You cry that we (Hoover) are in serious help of more money. You then raise our taxes and are discussing raising are property taxes to the max millage allowed. With the additional influx of funds, you're like kids in a candy store. Buy this, buy that, remodel you're offices (probably with the finest materials and furniture money can buy), and whatever else catches your eye.

Bree Le 153 days ago

Randle House - really?

So I'm all for keeping historical landmarks, but buying this house IMO is a huge mistake. $1M in other areas could go a LONG way. It's already hemorrhaging money to the tune of nearly $8000/mo. Throw in a site manager salary and it was stated that Smith "believes the city could make it profitable quickly and probably within a few years quadruple the revenues." Seems if it could have made money (or quadrupled funds), it would have already done so. There would have been no reason to continue taking on huge monthly losses. If they think funds will possibly quadruple, please share that plan to make it happen. Athletic complexes at both high schools could use serious renovations especially with the bathroom situations at each baseball field (1 male, 1 female). Port-a-podies have to be brought in in order to handle the baseball crowds. And Hoover wants to buy this house? Personally, there are other ways to spend that kind of money.

Raymond B 153 days ago

Randle House

I moved from Mobile, Alabama to the area in 1966 and in 1967 my great city of HOOVER was born. I have visited the, as I like to call it, The Randle house many time and it it so very lovely and as a resident of Hoover I think it’s a very good idea for our city to purchase this home and bring it back to full restoration.

Dee Dee Green Gates 154 days ago