Hoover council reconsiders tax incentive, doubles rebate for U.S. 31 strip center



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$30k for a feasibility study for a performing art center?

Sadly, Hoover's Council decided to contribute $15,000 of our taxpayers' money toward what would be a $30,000 feasibility study for a performing arts facility in Hoover. Sheesh. $30k is full-time pay for a year for many. What are they going to study 8 hours a day 40 hours a week and for how many weeks, and who is doing this "study," which sounds like a classic "boondoggle."

Barry V. Frederick 263 days ago

Performing art center

Yep, Your right.

Vito 263 days ago

Jody Patterson is right; keep a watchful eye

“Somewhere down the line, this has got to end,” Patterson said. Do the math -- without approving the developer's request for a rebate of 50% of sales taxes for up to 10 years (more than doubling the original rebate for this development), the city could have expected to get $2 million of increased sales tax revenues even with the original rebate of 25% of sales tax revenues. Hoover is a hot location for developers, and somewhere down the development line, the city should stop providing incentives that are not necessary to attract developers. This developer was originally attracted by its original sales tax rebate incentive and there was no need for the City to increase the original rebate/incentive. Let's keep a watchful eye on those on the Council who approved the increased rebate/incentive to see if they eventually vote to increase the property taxes on our homes and claim that is necessary because of insufficient sales tax revenue.

Barry V. Frederick 263 days ago