Hoover council gives Santek 3-year extension on garbage, recycling contract



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Garbage Servicer Needs to be More Consistent

Look, working on a garbage truck isn't exactly a fun job - The weather can make it even worse. However, if you accept the job and the wages, you should do the best job possible. The current contractor has missed our carts MANY times and they have partially emptied them quite a few times.

To make matters worse, they often leave the carts where they can be hit by passing traffic - I have the broken rear-view mirror parts and broken carts to prove it. Leaving a cart is harm's way is really stupid and lazy. Someday, someone is going to be injured in a car crash because a garbage truck employee was too lazy to take one additional step. There's no sense in the company's continued failure to address this issue on a permanent basis. You would think the liability alone would motivate them to do so. Yet, it continues to happen. I have the photos to document same going back to 2016.

If you have had zero problems with them, count yourself lucky. Based on my experiences and observations, I suspect you are in the minority. But, the question remains, if they can give you exemplary service, why can't they do the same for everyone?

G Ettinu more than 1 year ago