Hoover approves design, land acquisition for sidewalk on John Hawkins Parkway



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Bike Lanes

Why doesn't Hoover ever consider bike lanes anywhere? Legally you are not supposed to ride bikes on a sidewalk. Hoover needs bike lanes. Young professionals looking to move to metropolitan areas, like to commute in different ways other than driving a car. I myself commute to work via bike and it is much more dangerous because of the fact that there are zero bike lanes. Please tell someone that bike lanes need to be considered in this project if Hoover is really serious about becoming some sort of tech hub for Alabama. Think about the demographic that works in tech, this is my demographic and we appreciate greener alternative modes of transportation. Hoover should try to be a leader in green transportation and then younger people might consider moving here. I have a car as well but I like getting my exercise on my commute and I like the idea of not using gasoline to get there.

Please pass this message on to a forward thinking person who can influence Hoover decision makers to think about the future.

Wes 242 days ago

Hoover Sun