Hoover council approves $133 million budget for 2017 after a few changes



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$2.6 million for renovations and repairs at the Municipal Center

Wow! For that money, they must be building a whole new city hall. But, yet, the police and crime stoppers are getting cut. We need more police, not less. Public safety is paramount. If we can't feel safe in our homes, we might as well live in Birmingham.

Beau more than 1 year ago

"Court Director Susan Fuqua estimated Bishop works 25-26 hours per week."

Wow and they wanted to give him a $20,000 raise to $100,000? Wish I could get a deal like that for my full-time 40-50 hour week. Hoover has always been extremely generous with salaries, with the mistaken thinking that no one would work for less. Wrong! Many of us who don't work for governments are highly qualified, but we work for much less.

M. Andrews more than 1 year ago