Hoover City Council raises building permit fees over builders' objections



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Increase flat school fee

School base fee should increased dramatically to help build the new schools that will be necessary from the new homes. The builders will pass the fee along to the buyers. The fee will be incorporated into the market value and all existing home prices will increase. If new buyers do not see the value in Hoover, then no new schools will be necessary. Problem solved. I would recommend increasing the base fee to at least $10,000

Old Hoover resident tired of supplementing new resident costs. more than 2 years ago

Building Tax

So basically they passed a double tax on builders.

Cubuno1@gmail.com more than 2 years ago

Not really

The increase was needed to cover the costs of inspections, currently costing taxpayers roughly 400k/year. Builders always have and will continue to simply pass the costs along to the home buyer. An additional $700 to a 30 yr mortgage is negligible. Personally, I’m disappointed Shaw and Lyda voted against.

MikeM more than 2 years ago