Hoover could lose $8 million to $15 million in taxes due to COVID-19, mayor says



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Nice ideas but...

I agree that Hoover residents should not be taxed higher. There are many cuts that can be made as far as events go. Those are luxuries that are not necessarily needed. Salaries cut? Absolutely not. It's easy to say, but I don't think anyone reading this would volunteer to cut their own salaries just to save the city some money. That's absurd. You make what you have worked hard to achieve over the years. Salary cuts is a drop in the bucket anyway. There are bigger fish out there. Not a fan of paying for garbage pickup; however, having garbage picked up 1 time instead of 2x per week is a good idea. Recycle could come every other week IMO...there is typically less of that anyway. Logistics could get in the way there though - "did the recycle truck come last week or the week before?". I can see where that could be a problem. So maybe twice a month on specific days (1st/3rd Tuesday, etc). QUESTION: this article stated that cancelling the SEC Tournament eliminated more than $500,000 in expenses for the city. Ok, then why are we having a tournament that does that? Surely more is calculated into that figure. The city gets back a ton of tax money from local businesses and especially hotel tax revenue from fans and teams visiting. Don't re re-coup much of that money in taxes and other ways??? Please divulge that figure. If we lost $500k net after everything, we would be crazy to bid and host every year.

Raymond B 166 days ago

Don't forget.....

Once we are allowed back to our regular lives and stores re-open, you will see a huge increase in sales taxes being paid! I know I will be ready to spend on the things I needed, but was unable to shop for in person! And you're also getting sales tax for online purchases which have increased during the quarantine. I do agree that many things such as Celebrate Hoover Day and the Prayer Breakfast and any other unnecessary expenses could be cancelled. Employee step raises should be eliminated this year. Pay it next year if you have the funds.

About the sidewalks near the library - I have to wonder who would use them since there are no residences in the area? Thank you, Mayor Brocato for taking tax increases and garbage fees off the table! There are other ways to make up the shortfall rather than adding financial burdens to residents.

Meredith 166 days ago

Halt Development

It is time to stop the over-development in Hoover. Spend wisely to help immediate needs of the community and after this pandemic is over, focus on the terrible traffic problems that have been created by the non-essential growth projects that are endless.

Debbie 166 days ago

Financial plan

I’d like to know why the full version of the plan, not selected portions, has not been released to the Publix. I believe there is indeed precedence that states that is a public record
Also, they rescinded some of the restrictions on hiring. Under the present circumstances do we really need more dispatchers, police and fire personnel?? It’s my understanding that emergency call volume is actually down this year. What about some salary cuts atvthe top? Specifically the city manager and mayor . Can you provide their total compensation packages? I think the results would be eye opening

Scott 166 days ago

Loss of Revenue

Don’t tax the residents in Hoover! Take and cut back on all your spending, projects, Mayor breakfast, capital improvements. Citizens of Hoover have gone through enough with loss of jobs. Do not charge for garbage pickup. Cut your salaries!

Paula polinski 167 days ago

budget cuts

Why can't City cut number of days we have garbage pickup? Let's cut Prayer Breakfast and Celebrate Hoover Day.

Susan Spafford 167 days ago

Hoover Sun