Hoover City Council to consider $70 million sportsplex on Monday



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What is the hurry? Have the necessary studies been done? What will be done about the add'l traffic? Why can't the citizens of Hoover be given more notice and more information before a vote is taken? Once again, irresponsible representation by our elected officials. No money for schools (oh yeah going to offer a token of 1.5 Million, after taking away much more than that). Something of this magnitude needs to be thoroughly researched, investigated and citizens needs additional time to sift through what is presented and be able to have a voice. The week of Christmas with a few days notice is NOT the time to be deciding something like this.

Sharon more than 3 years ago

Should Have Been Done Years Ago

Tony Petelos tried to do this years ago, including an indoor track, but he couldn't get all the support needed. A lot of hotels were built with this in mind. Then Larry Langford made it happen in Birmingham. Of course, there are no hotels anywhere near the B'ham Crossplex. Hoover lost out on a great opportunity. This will be good, but it will never have the imp[act that one built 10 years ago would have had.

Bruce Gilliland more than 3 years ago


Where is the State of the Arts Theater that we have been promised since Hoover High School was built? Are there any plans to ever build one?

Janna Copeland more than 3 years ago

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