Hoover City Council offers tax increase counter-proposal



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Sales Tax Increase

I’m not sure I understand. Brick and Mortar Stores in Hoover are losing out to internet based businesses in part because they provide lower prices and don’t charge city sales taxes. The solution from His Honoris to increase the city sales tax on local B&M businesses making them less competitive on price. Change the tax base. Fix the problem, There is time to fix the problem before the crisis comes to pass. We don’t need the goodies this mayor wants until we have a solid tax base. Quit going for easy, simpleton solutions. Do the work that needs to be done.

Mick Murrellm9dp more than 1 year ago

Mayor's proposal better

Someone once said: "Taxes are the price of civilization". Most people move to places with greater public offerings. If you want low taxes move to the county. I urge the council to thing bigger than low taxes and low expectations.

G. Davis more than 1 year ago

tax increase

The city has gotten a good case of the greed. There is no doubt that we have way too much taxes already. I have dealt out big budget dollars to different departments in my working life. I know how everyone that gets a piece of the money protects their own turf as to always ask for more when in many cases they already get too much. All those that raise taxes on everything the human mind can conceive of have NO compassion on those of us on a fixed income and every fat cat that can will make it even harder to maintain any decent standard of living. I would Never recommend to anyone that they move to Hoover!

Danny Howell more than 1 year ago

Council Counter-Proposal

Compromise can be a good thing. Kudos to the Council and Mayor for working together to come up with a logical and sustainable solution. I hope some of the additional funds that will be created in either proposal will be used to regain some of the infrastructure improvements that have been cut and jobs that have been lost in recent months. Thank you, Council and Mayor, for listening to your constituents.

Bob more than 1 year ago

Cut the sales and use tax

It would be an incentive for shoppers to flock to Hoover if they could save money buy shopping here. It would benefit businesses and their employees. The city would most likely see and increase in revenues. If you want less of something tax it.

Ron more than 1 year ago

Thank you!

I’m very impressed that the council seems to be listening to the residents! I completely agree that we need to stabilize the ship before taking on more unnecessary projects.

TS more than 1 year ago

Alternative Tax Proposal.

It is refreshing to see that City Council members can work together to seek financial solutions without resorting to name-calling. While most citizens do not wish to pay more for city services, it certainly appears that this Council is working overtime for the financial well-being of Hoover. That is rare in this day and time.

Gerald Hicks. more than 1 year ago

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