Hoover council goes with voters' 2nd choice for naming sports complex at Hoover Met



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The city can simply contact the owner of the hoovermetplex.com domain and discuss obtaining that web address. You know what's going on there, someone knew of the popularity of the name and jumped the gun to register. I'd be willing to bet that now that they know the city has adopted a different name for the complex they'll, hopefully, be civil and turn/sell the domain to the city and not try gouging the city for money. If the current owner doesn't put forth good faith in this... fine. Let them choke on their little stunt.

Wayne Seals more than 2 years ago

The Finley Center name

I am so pleased the indoor center was named for Coach Bob Finley. Whether The Finley Center or the Finley Sports & Event Center--either way was fine with me. Actually, Finley Center is shorter to say. A great man who had a great influence on the city of Hoover in the years he served from 1964-1994 and is still doing so today through the Hoover City School Finley Character Education Program since its beginning 20 years ago. I also think the name chosen as the Hoover Metropolitan Complex is befitting as well.

Wayne Wood more than 2 years ago

Short Name

I think we should still call it "The Metplex" for short. Just like we call Hoover Metropolitan Stadium "The Met".

Mark more than 2 years ago


Hoover Metropolitan Complex” or HMC for short !!

cascilda farris more than 2 years ago

Hoover Sun