Hoover council Finance Committee to discuss projected budget deficits Thursday



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Let's hear from the rest of the council

I don't understand why this paper refuses to interview anyone outside of Lyda and Smith. Everyone knows both have an axe to grind with the Mayor. Let's hear from the rest of the council every now and then. I have yet to hear or see anyone else this "tax and spend" liberal nonsense that Lyda is waxing poetic about on every news outlet that will take his call. Come on Hoover Sun. Cover Hoover, not John Lyda.

JD more than 2 years ago


Takeaways for me re: Porter, White & Co. project report:

The Finley Center that was quickly rammed through by the past council is turning out to be a disaster: an ongoing ~ 4 million cost with no profit throughout the projection. Hate to see the impact when the center is 10-15 years old and requires a facelift.

License and permit fees are basically stagnant since 2007 (accounting for the recession) despite continued population growth of approximately 15%. License and permit fees should have and need to be permanently indexed to inflation. Developers have profited but the city has collected less to offset the increased infrastructure. Ongoing maintenance, vacancy, etc. needs to be considered when approving any new development.

If the solution is to take money away from the schools, a better choice would be to write off the Finley Center and just eat the debt payments. The schools impact property values throughout the city. I can't say the same for the Finley Center.

This is a "normal" economic projection. Another recession will occur during these next 5 years. Any decision should consider the current economic climate is the "best of times".

NateP more than 2 years ago

Back the talk with action

If the "talk" that Hoover will not be governed by a tax and spend mentality is not backed-up, incumbents will be voted out and replaced by new leaders who can and will back-up what they say. We'll be watching and see what the incumbent council and mayor do, and many are watching (and documenting what they see). Nuff said.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago

Hoover Leadership

Thank you John Lyda. Hoover should NOT be a tax and spend government.

Perhaps, a detailed list of where the money is being spent should be released to the public in a simplified format. The last thing we should do is go along with Mayor Brocato’s alleged idea to raise sales tax in Hoover.

Hoover Resident more than 2 years ago

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